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AFSNCOA Reporting Instructions

1. Welcome to the AFSNCOA. You are in for an exciting experience with sister service, coalition partners, DoD senior leaders, and other professionals who are focused on your continuous professional development. Please reach out to Air Force, Joint Force, and international students during the class. This is a great opportunity to broaden your understanding of the global force as well as network and build connections across various countries and branches of service.

2. Please take the following actions upon notification of attendance by your Formal Training Office:

Download and read the AFSNCOA Orientation Pamphlet and Student Guides.  Please print and fill out the Student Information Worksheet. You will turn in your completed Student Information Worksheet to your instructor at the beginning of Day of Education 1 (DOE 1).  

Active duty Air Force students are centrally scheduled by AFPC. The TDY's are centrally funded by AETC TDY-to-School (TTS). Orders must be completed by each student in the Defense Travel System (DTS); however, before you are able to complete them, the following steps are required:

  • Formal Training Office (FTO): Upon receipt of the signed training RIP, the FTO will confirm student's attendance in MilPDS/OTA and load the student into the 902 TDY-to-School website.
  • AETC TDY-to-School (TTS): Validates funds for training and loads the fund cite to the student's Defense Travel System (DTS) account. A notification email will be sent to the student with instructions on how to complete their orders in DTS.
  • Students can expect to receive their funding approximately 2 weeks before the class start date, but not later than 5 days prior to departure. Students will need to create their TDY orders in DTS once the funding confirmation message from AETC TDY-to-School is received. If you are experiencing any issues with DTS please contact your Formal Training Office for assistance.

If you have not received your funding confirmation message within 2 weeks of your class start date, contact your Formal Training Office. You may also contact AETC TDY-to-School at DSN 487-2971 or Comm (210) 652-2971.

Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and sister service students are funded through their respective commands. Please contact your command POC's for any funding/DTS assistance.

3. Lodging:  All required rooms are blocked off in advance by the lodging office and students are not required to contact the University Inn reception desk on Gunter Annex to place a credit card on file.  Upon arrival, check-in at the University Inn reception desk in Bldg 1017. A student roster will be at the reception desk with your assigned flight room information.  All students must check-in at the Gunter Annex lodging desk. Since the rooms are blocked off in advance, DTS may show rooms unavailable and issue a non-availability letter; however, rooms will be available and students must check-in at the Gunter Annex lodging desk. AETC TTS will not accept the DTS non-availability letter when you file your travel voucher so failing to check-in at the Gunter Lodging front desk may result in out-of pocket lodging expenses. If for some reason rooms are not available (maintenance, renovations, higher priority reservations, etc.), the lodging desk will work to secure you a room at a government contracted hotel and issue you a valid non-availability letter.

  • Lodging rates are set by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller. For 2020, the cost for lodging is $77 per night.
  • Per diem rates are set by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller and paid IAW the JTR. Since there is a Dining Facility (DFAC) on station, meals are available and directed. On weekdays, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available. Students are paid the Government Meal Rate (GMR). For FY20, the GMR is $13.90 per day. Per diem on weekdays is:  $13.90 + $5 incidentals = $18.90 per day.
  • On weekends and holidays, only lunch and dinner are available (Meals Availablility). Students are paid the Proportional Meal Rate (PMR). For FY20, the PMR for Maxwell AFB is $32 per day. Per diem on weekends and holidays is:  $32 + $5 incidentals = $37 per day.

4. Computers:  Students should bring a personal laptop/tablet or a government laptop computer from their home unit. We recommend you bring a personal laptop. Course materials will be provided via our online learning management system (Canvas). Canvas will be accessible to students on the first day of class. Your instructor will provide guidance on Canvas requirements and show you how to navigate the system. *** Students do not need to do anything with Canvas prior to arriving for class ***. Adobe Reader, or equivalent, will provide the ability to highlight and insert notes/comments. To alleviate the majority of issues with Canvas, ensure the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox, and Java are installed on the laptop. If bringing a personal laptop, ensure you have installed DoD Root Certificates (Windows / Mac). You will be required to write an essay style paper at the AFSNCOA. Ensure you have access to a keyboard if using a tablet. The AFSNCOA has a very limited number of laptops that can be loaned to students who are unable to bring a personal or government laptop.

Classrooms and billeting are equipped with public Wi-Fi (non .mil address). If bringing a government laptop, ensure the computer has a "stand alone" configuration, VPN is operational, and the Wi-Fi feature is turned on. AFSNCOA admin/communications personnel are not authorized to access your home unit government laptop for configurations/repair.

5. First Day of Class:  On the first official day of class, all students report to their assigned flight rooms for initial orientation at 0730. Report in any service uniform combination, short sleeve blue shirt with or without tie or Long sleeve shirt with tie/tab.  All accoutrements must be worn. A roster identifying your assigned flight room will be available at the lodging front desk.    

6. Graduation Day:  On graduation day, students MAY be released by 1500; however, it is strongly recommended that departure flights are scheduled no earlier than 1700. Allow extra time if flying out of Birmingham or Atlanta (Atlanta is in the Eastern Time Zone - one hour ahead of Alabama).


AFSNCOA Retreat Formation

550 McDonald Street
Maxwell-Gunter AFB AL 36114-3107

Course Schedule

Class Start Graduate
20F 20 Aug 20 25 Sep 20
21A 2 Oct 20 6 Nov 20
21B 12 Nov 20 18 Dec 20
21C 13 Jan 21 18 Feb 21
21D 4 Mar 21 7 Apr 21
21E 22 Apr 21 26 May 21

AFSNCOA Student Support & Research Guides

Air University Student Support & Research Guides