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SNCOA Reporting

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VALID AS OF 01 August 2023

If a student is unable to fully participate in the class, the student needs to work with their chain of command and Base/Formal Training Office to defer to a future class; the schoolhouse cannot assist in this process. 

The schoolhouse CANNOT provide information related to DTS (Lines of Accounting, Cross Orgs, etc...) as we do not have that information. Please contact the local Base Formal Training Office for assistance. 

Arrival Assistance:
Students are responsible for arranging travel from the airport to lodging. Listed are three taxi companies that have base access and are open 24/7. They can be scheduled prior to leaving home station.

  • GROOME Transportation Shuttle - 334-821-3399 (Reservations are required for direct route from Atlanta Airport to/from Maxwell-Gunter)
  • Checker-Deluxe Cab Company - 334-538-8178
  • On Time Taxi 334-505-1189

If using an Uber or Lyft, confirm the driver has base access. The front gate is approximately one mile from lodging. 

If driving, put the following into your GPS, Waze, or Apple Maps.  After arriving at the main gate, follow signs to lodging.  Please note the Maxwell-Gunter Annex back gate (Dalraida Gate) is CLOSED until further notice.
- 550 McDonald Street Montgomery, AL 36114  OR   Montgomery Humane Society (the main gate is across the street)

Pre-Class Preparations:
Information contained within this section is designed to assist students with preparation for attendance to the Air Force Senior NCO Academy (SNCOA).

- Students do NOT need to call the University Inn for lodging reservations. Rooms will be blocked off for SNCOA students so disregard any Non-Availability that DTS tries to provide.
  - In DTS: skip the lodging booking and select:
    - A: Reason - Code 7 - Military Lodging
    - B: Selection - Skip Lodging Booking
    - C: Add Comments - Lodging Already Booked
 All students will check-in at the University Inn lodging front desk for room assignment. 

Day of Education 1:
Class begins at 0730 in Building 1143 Kisling Hall (next to lodging), it is recommended to arrive 15 mins early.
 - If the student does not know which flight they are assigned to, Cadre will be available to assist.

Uniform Requirements

Report on DOE1 to Building 1143 (Kisling Hall) in your OCPs/MCCUU/Type IIIs/Utilities or service equivalent.  Wear the Uniform of the Day (UOD) as directed by the student schedule.  Additionally, students are required to wear the service dress uniform (or service Class A equivalent) for graduation and a minimum of one additional academic day. Students can expect to wear the short or long sleeve blues (service class B equivalent uniform) during the course and are reminded to bring those items that meet dress and appearance requirements (badges/devices/ribbons required by regulation or those additionally mandated by their current command or duty position). Commandants have the authority to grant exceptions or modifications based on specific mission concerns or unforeseen circumstances. We highly recommend students bring 2x sets of business casual attire to assist in presenting a professional appearance for offsite and experiential lessons.

Physical Fitness uniforms will be required for Mock PT tests and weekly PT events.

Air Force & Space Force Army Navy USMC USCG Civilian 

Service Dress 

Army Green Service Uniform
Type III’s
Service Dress Blue
Service Uniform "A"
Service Uniform "A"

Business Casual
Business Suit (with tie)

- Leadership Contact Information:
Bring chain of command contact information, i.e...Commander, First Sergeant, and SEL (name, duty phone number, email address) with you.

AFSNCOA Pricing:

LANDING FEE (Covers 1 meal) $20.00

NOTES:  The above items are sold in the Flight Room and may not be claimed on travel vouchers, prices are subject to change.