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Q: Do I need a computer for the AFSNCOA course?

A: Yes, curriculum is completely in our web-based learning management system, Canvas.


Q: How must my computer be configured for the AFSNCOA course?

A: It must be WI-FI enabled, the campus and billeting are WIFI hotspots. Ensure the computer has the latest version of Adobe (or equivalent) and Microsoft Word/Excel (or equivalent).  If attending a Virtual In-Resident Remote (VIRR) class, your computer's microphone and camera must be enabled.


Q: I'm attending a virtual class and the reporting instructions say we will be using Microsoft Teams, can I use my work or CVR account?

A: No, Air University Teams is a standalone account, your instructor will invite you to the correct team after contacting you no earlier than three days from class start.  You must be logged out of all other Teams accounts for the link to work correctly.


Q: Can I use an Apple product for the course?

A: Yes, students will need to ensure it is has the latest version of Adobe (or equivalent) and Microsoft Word/Excel (or equivalent).


Q: If my Government issued computer fails can the AFSNCOA work on them?

A: No, you will be issued a basic laptop to get you through the course. Maxwell Comm Focal Point can assist with limited issues.


Q: Do I need to make my own lodging arrangements?

A: No, reservations are made for students. All students are required to check-in to the Gunter lodging front desk.  


Q: Do I need to contact your office with my arrival information?

A:  No, unless you have an emergency, travel delay, or special circumstance that will have you arriving late for class.  Email the Student Administration office at sncoa.studentadmin@us.af.mil with the details of your situation.  


Q: Do I get partial per diem while attending AFSNCOA?

A:  All meals are available Mon-Fri, but breakfast isn't available on the weekends and holidays at the Dining Facility. Orders should say something similar to "Meals: All meals (Mon-Fri), Proportional Meals (Sat, Sun & Holidays)".  


Q: What do I need to bring to class on Day of Education (DOE) 1?

A:  Official travel orders, Student Information Worksheet, current/passing fitness assessment and profile (if applicable). A laptop is also required on DOE 1. Paper, notepads, pen/pencil, etc. are encouraged.


Q: What uniform is required for Day of Education 1?

A:  See the current orientation pamphlet for DOE 1 uniform requirements.


Q:  What must I do if I have been placed on a profile?

A:  Students with physical limitation profiles must submit their profile to their base formal training office so it can be pre-coordinated with the AFSNCOA Student Administration office to ensure admission is approved.


Q: What is the selection process for members on a profile?

A:  Students are centrally scheduled by AFPC, the ANG, and AFRC. The first priority is the "must trains"....SMSgts, then selects and lastly MSgts selected to attend based on their WAPS overall standing among peers in their career field. Any SMSgt-select or MSgt who was scheduled to attend a class who remains on profile and cannot fully participate in the class stands a greater risk of delays in attending the SNCOA. NOTE: The AFSNCOA is aligned with AF policies and priorities to eliminate the backlog. Students with a low priority may be bumped.


Q: Is there a physical fitness program for members placed on a profile?

A:  Yes. Pre-coordinated and approved members on profile will be placed into the Modified Fitness Group (MFG).

Q: What does the Modified Fitness Group consists of?

A:  The MFG consists of a 10-minute warm up, a 40-minute exercise, and a 10-minute cool down. The 40-minute period is tailored to meet the member’s AF Form 422 prescription.

Q: What do I need to bring with me if I am on a profile?

A: Your profile on an AF Form 422 or AF Form 469 describing the limitations of member’s physical ability in a 60-minute physical fitness session. For example only, an AF Form 469 may have:  “Member placed on profile due to pneumonia.” The subsequent AF Form 422 may have:  “Member is authorized the following:  walk <45 minutes, pushups/sit-ups <10 minutes, no running allowed.” The key is to ensure the prescription provides detailed actions for the 60 minute period of what can and can’t be done.

Q: What should I be prepared for during the Academy’s fit-to-fight program?

A:  The one-hour workouts consist of a 10-minute warm up, a 40-minute exercise, and a 10-minute cool down. The 40-minute period can vary from a running program to a calisthenics program.

Q: I have heard the AFSNCOA no longer has a formal, evening graduation ceremony. Is this true?

A:  Yes, due to budget constraints, the formal evening graduation ceremony was discontinued. You do NOT need to pack your mess dress and/or semi-formal uniforms.


Q: What uniforms are required to attend the AFSNCOA?

A:  Students should be prepared to wear ABUs/OCPs, Service Uniform, Service Dress, and Physical Training Gear. Flight suits are NOT authorized. Organizational caps are NOT authorized. NOTE 1:  On graduation day, all members wear tie/tab, and ribbons for Retreat formation. NOTE 2:  Due to budget constraints, AFSNCOA doesn’t have a formal evening graduation. This means, mess dress and/or semi-formal uniforms are not required.


Q: Can I leave the local area on the weekend?

A:  Students may be able to leave the local area. You must return for the beginning of the next day of education.

Q: Does the AFSNCOA authorize emergency leave?
A:  Yes. Emergency leave is processed following AFI guidelines for verified emergencies and with support from home station. Once American Red Cross information and contact by home station chain of command is received, member will use Leaveweb to enter leave information. Leave will be approved by home unit. Guard and Reserve components may still use hard copy leave form 988.

Q: Are cooking appliances authorized in lodging?

A:  No. A coffee pot, refrigerator and microwave are provided. Hot plates are not authorized.


Q: Is there transportation available from the airport?

A:  Yes. Commercial taxi service is available.


Q: Does luggage often get lost by the Airlines?

A: No; however, because of the amount of students coming into Montgomery the airline does make a call to get the passengers boarded and hold the luggage for weight control. It is advised to pack a uniform in your carry-on luggage.

Q: I heard the clinic is geographically separated from Gunter Annex.  Is there transportation available if I don’t have a car?

A: Yes. Base Taxi service is available.


Q: What if I have tattoos/body piercings?

A:  Standard dress and appearance rules apply. Reference AFI 36-2903


Q: Do students have any free time?

A: Yes. There is some free time as bonding and networking with fellow SNCOs is an important part of this experience.

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