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Do we need to bring blues/service dress and official PT gear?

YES!!  Service Dress (Class A’s) will be worn for graduation while the Class B, long sleeve, or short sleeve variation, will be worn at least one other day during the course. Fitness uniforms will also be required for the mock fitness assessment and organized fitness sessions.

What are the COVID protocols while at AFSNCOA?

Please visit the Maxwell AFB Website COVID-19 Information & Updates for the latest information (

Are there gym/workout area restrictions?

The 42 FSS fitness facilities are currently open. Please visit ( for the latest information regarding hours of operation and visiting requirements.

Will we have holidays off?

Yes, AFSNCOA observes all Federal holidays and AETC family days.

Are there facilities for laundry in lodging?

Yes, there is a laundry room in each building.  The machines are free, but students will need to bring/purchase detergent and dryer sheets.

What will the flights look like?

Flights typically consist of 12-14 students from various AFSCs, ANG, AFRC, Sister Services and International Partners.

Is there a DFAC and what type of payments do they take?

Yes, the Aviation Inn is next to Lodging. They accept both cash and card.

Are we allowed to travel on the weekends? How far?

Yes, students are allowed to travel on the weekends. There are no travel limitations but the student will be held responsible if not present for duty after the weekend.

I’m flying and my unit won’t authorize a rental car. Will I be able to walk to where I need to go?

University Inn and the DFAC are next to the AFSNCOA, while all other services on Gunter Annex (Gym, Shoppette, Commissary, Bowling Alley) are less than 1 mile from lodging.

I’m working DTS but I have not received my LOA. Can you help?

No, AFSNCOA does not issue LOAs. That is an AETC TDY-to-School function. They can be reached at (210) 652-2971 or  LOAs should be cross-org'd within a few days after the completed training RIP has been submitted.

Do we book lodging through DTS?

No, AFSNCOA reserves ALL student rooms. Because of this, students who attempt to book their own lodging are notified there is no availability. Any non-availability letter issued by DTS or front desk should be ignored.