Technology Requirements

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Laptop, Tablet E-device   

Students are to bring a government laptop computer from their home unit or a personal laptop/tablet (at your own expense). 

Course materials will be provided via our online learning management system (Canvas).  Abobe Reader or equivalent will provide the ability to highlight, and insert notes and comments. To alleviate the majority of issues with Canvas, ensure the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox and Java are also downloaded on laptop or notebook.  Your instructor will provide guidance on Canvas requirements and show you how to navigate the system. *** Students do not need to do anything with Canvas prior to arriving for class.  
You will be required to complete homework assignments while at AFSNCOA. Classrooms and billeting are equipped with WI-FI (Non .mil address).  If bringing a government laptop ensure the computer has a “stand alone” configuration, VPN is operational, and Wi-Fi feature is on.   If bringing a personal laptop, ensure you have installed the DoD Root Certificates.

Air University Portal 

Please update or create your account in the Air University (AU) Portal if you have not already done so. Ensure your information is up-to-date in the AU Portal before arrival to the AFSNCOA.  Accessibility to the NCOA course material and accountability will be based on the information you provide in the system. 

Click to access the AU Portal.

- Information Assurance (IA) Training:
Your IA Training MUST remain current throughout the entire course.  If your IA Training expires, you will not have access to the AFNET Domain. 

Sister-Service Only:
You must first create an Air Force Portal account, and then an Air University (AU) Portal account as soon as you are notified of class selection. This allows us to integrate you into our learning management system, Canvas.

- Using a CAC enabled computer on NIPR, go to, click ‘Register for a new AF Portal Account w/ your CAC’ and run through account creation.
- Create an account in the Air University (AU) Portal .
  -- Hover over ‘My Info’ and update your email in ‘Contact Info’ (two spots to enter it here), as well as under ‘Canvas Info’. Use the same email
     for all three of these, and make sure it is one you have immediate access to, preferably a civilian email address.
​- You must use a CAC enabled device over NIPR or government VPN. Contact Student Admin if you are having difficulties at Commercial (334) 201-2400.