Welcome to the Enlisted Professional Military Education Instructor Course (EPMEIC)

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Congratulations on your selection for this incredible special duty. The EPMEIC faculty has traveled the same journey you are now about to embark on. We are dedicated to providing you with an experience that broadens your leadership abilities and adds tools to assist you in educating and inspiring your future students.

In efforts to accomplish this, we have revamped our course to allow you to embrace the cognitive and emotional flexibility needed to be successful at your platform. In our environment, we face a false dichotomy when we believe we must choose between our personal and professional self. Our course allows you to be at your best by synthesizing your personal self and your professional role as an EPME Educator!

While on this journey, you will be afforded the opportunity to take a deeper reflection of self through various self-awareness strategies and tools. Moreover, you will also explore instructor skill sets such as presentation skills and competencies necessary to complete all roles and responsibilities associated with Airman Leadership School, Noncommissioned Officer Academy, Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy, Chief Leadership Academy and Development Advisors.

I look forward to sharing this first leg of your journey as an EPME Instructor during your time at EPMEIC. We know your experience will be a rewarding one. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me or TSgt Vernon Boyd, email: vernon.boyd@au.af.edu Comm: (334) 416-1018.

Kyle R. Eckert, SMSgt, USAF
Commandant, Enlisted PME Instructor Course
Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL 36114
DSN: 596-1614/Commercial: (334) 416-1614