Reporting Instructions (EPMEIC)

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This TDY is centrally funded, for any DTS issues, please contact AETC TDY-to-School guide. Lodging is coordinated through EPMEIC and reserved for you. A phone number to confirm your reservation and location will be provided in your instructor's welcome email. You do not need to reserve a room; however, you need to confirm your existing reservation within 72 hours of Day of Education (DOE 1).

Airport Transportation
You are responsible for getting from the airport to lodging, below are three taxi companies which have base access and are open 24/7…you can schedule an airport pickup before departing home.

Checker-Deluxe Cab Company – (334) 538-8178 
On Time Taxi – (334) 505-1189 
King's Airport Shuttle - (334) 324-1794

NOTE: If using Uber or Lyft, confirm your driver has base access before booking.

If you are driving, put the address below into your GPS, Waze, Apple Maps, etc. and it will bring you to the Gunter Annex Main Gate…there will be signs from there directing you to lodging.
W L Dickinson Dr & Turner Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36109

Rental Cars Rental cars are a personal or home organization expense.

EPMEIC is in the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education, 50 S. Turner Blvd on Gunter Annex (between the Shoppette and CCAF Building).  Parking is limited; therefore, students are asked to park on the south end of the building which is the entry to EPMEIC. 

Note: You can find answers to many questions in the TDY-to-School Handbook. (CAC is required for .mil access).


Our course uses the blended learning approach to present instruction. Teams is used through our training and for your virtual performance evaluation, please adhere to the following guidelines prior to arrival:

1. Provide an Air University (AU) .edu or civilian email address (.mil will not work). Ensure your email address is provided on the EPMEIC Orientation Form that will be sent in your welcome email. Your invitation link to the course will be sent to the email address you provide.

2. Do not bring Chromebooks to the course. Our classrooms are not compatible with any Chromebook system.  

3. Download the desktop application Teams to your computer, laptop, or tablet/cell phone. Use the course invitation to connect your email as an Air University Guest. Cameras, microphones, and Wi-Fi are required during virtual teaching and briefing sessions unless stated otherwise by the flight and instructor. If you use a government computer for training, ensure the camera, microphone, and Wi-Fi features are active prior to departing your base. 

Dress and Appearance 

UOD will be a combination of Class A, Class B and Utility Uniform (OCPs or sister service equivalent). Service dress coats will be required. EPMEIC has one off-site workshop where business casual attire is authorized.

Day of Education (DOE) 1 UOD will be OCPs.