Enlisted PME Instructor Course

Enlisted Professional Military Education Instructor Course (EPMEIC)

EPME Instructor Course ShieldThe Enlisted Professional Military Education Instructor Course (EPMEIC) strives to produce noncommissioned officers (NCO) who can both teach and lead effectively in and out of the classroom. The curriculum is designed to heighten students’ appreciation for and understanding of classroom fundamentals, technical skills associated with EPME classrooms, and the typical day-to-day performance expected of EPME professionals. EPMEIC teaches methodologies that are very specific to EPME and is considered the “gateway” for an EPME instructor.

Program Description. The Enlisted Professional Military Education Instructor Course (EPMEIC) is affiliated with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and consists of 35 hours of distance learning foundational coursework and 158 hours of resident classes. Each student earns eight hours of undergraduate credit upon completion of the course.

The distance learning foundational course provides basic instruction on the principles and methods of instruction. The course includes fundamentals of teaching, methods of instruction, objectives and tests, instructional systems development, academic counseling, basic learning theories, audiovisual aids use, and formal evaluation methods. The distance learning foundational course does not provide application-level practical teaching exercises or performance feedback. The course addresses only the concepts of instructional methodology. Reaching higher-levels of learning will occur upon attending the resident EPMEIC.

The resident course provides education designed to enhance the teaching, facilitating, and leadership capabilities of EPME educators. The course includes 158 hours of intense coursework designed to develop faculties across the globe. This course provides the educator with skills in teaching and facilitating in the dynamic EPME learning environments. It also provides valuable hands-on experience to and exposure of the EPME learning process which allows critical individuals selected for EPME instructor duty to gain perspective on the importance of becoming a faculty member. The program offers solid grounding in various methods of presentation for all EPME flight rooms.  Every lesson is “EPME-centric” and emphasizes the impact on the student, educator, and EPME mission effectiveness. The course focuses on the teaching methodologies used most often in EPME flight rooms such as informal lecture, guided discussion, experiential activities, and case study facilitation (specifically using the structured thinking process). The curriculum is divided into the following areas: administration, course foundations, educational technology, immersion lab, learning theory, performance development,
professional evaluation, and teaching foundations.

Learning Outcomes. EPMEIC cultivates educators who are able to:
• Comprehend and apply skills that will enhance their abilities to accomplish duties in EPME;
• Understand the educational activities as described in the Air Force Instructional Systems Design process;
• Facilitate instruction in an interactive academic environment;
• Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills; and
• Exhibit proper application of various educational methodologies in effort to reach every learner

Faculty. EPMEIC faculty must have an associate’s degree or be within one year of completion. The member must complete the Enlisted Professional Military Instructor course when, or prior to being, assigned as faculty. EPMEIC faculty must be 1750-series civilians or military, preferably with EPME instructor experience. 

Duration.The EPMEIC distance learning course is 35 hours in length, and is made available to the selected hire 35 academic days prior to attending the resident course. The resident course length is 20 academic days. The facility can support up to 36 students per resident class, and the course is offered eight times each fiscal year.

Eligibility. All SSgt, TSgt, and MSgt positions (includes selects) must be an approved candidate on the Developmental Special Duty (DSD) nomination list. SMSgt positions will be advertised on the Enlisted Quarterly Assignment Listing-Plus (EQUAL-Plus) and selected through an application process to teach in EPME schools. Reference AFI 36-2301, Developmental Education, and the ETCA website at https://etca.randolph.af.mil for additional information.  ETCA course number: MESC003