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Dress & Appearance

Clothing & Uniform Requirements

Personal Clothing  

Appropriate civilian attire will be required to be worn at social gatherings. 

Uniform Requirements   

All uniforms will be in compliance with AFI 36-2903. 
The service dress and OCPs are required while attending the Gunter NCO Academy. Bring at least one set of the Air Force PTG uniform. PT will not be conducted as a class or flight, but there may be opportunities for fitness challenges/competitions where PT gear will be required.
OCPs will be the primary uniform-of-the-day. We recommend you bring at least two sets of each uniform combination. You MUST have one set of any combination of the service uniform with ALL accouterments. Service Coat is Mandatory and will be worn on graduation. 
Occupational badges are MANDATORY on the OCP  blouse while attending the Gunter NCO Academy. 
Due to climate conditions in the building, it's advised that all students bring some type of authorized layer to be worn under the OCP blouse. Even during the summer months, temperatures can fluctuate throughout the building and we cannot control this. 
All authorized badges, ribbons and nametag (blue) are mandatory and required on the service uniform. ANG/AFR members may not wear state decorations while on federal service. The pewter nametag is only worn on the service coat. 
Check your service low-quarters for dry-rot on the soles. If they are cracked and deteriorating they must be replaced before arrival.  

Please ensure all additional accessory items are in compliance with AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel. Please pay special attention to paragraph 6.3.4 regarding gym bags, backpacks and hand bags.