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Required Items

Required Items

Items to Bring  

Bring a copy of your student information work sheet (Attachment 1 from Welcome email), COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire (Attachment 5 from Welcome email), AF Form 422 (if applicable), AF Form 469 (if applicable), current PT assessment, and personal/government laptop.  

Student Information Worksheet   

This document will be uploaded into Canvas. Make sure to save the file on the electronic device you plan to bring with you to class.   

Medical Profiles 

Contact your unit training manager if you have a profile, limitation, or restriction. All medical profiles must be pre-coordinated with the Gunter NCOA NLT 30 days prior to the class start date. Formal training managers will coordinate profiles with the Gunter NCOA.   

Upon arrival in the flight room, all medical profiles must be given to Flight Instructors by the end of DOE 1. 
Permanent Profiles

Personnel with a certified permanent physical profile (AF Form 422) are eligible to attend BUT subject to approval. Provide a copy of the AF Form 422 to the Formal Training office for coordination with the Gunter NCOA NLT 35-days prior to class start date. 
NOTE: Students with fitness assessments that expire during class, uncoordinated profiles, or uncoordinated changes to their profiles are subject to immediate release from the school. 

Air Force Fitness Test

Students must possess a copy of a PASSING AF Fitness Test showing them current through the duration of the course. Upon arrival, AF Fitness Assessment must be given to Flight Instructors on DOE 1.