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Unhindered by conventional thinking and processes, part think tank, part incubator, Blue Horizons takes aggressive action to exploit emerging strategic opportunities. 


Partner with the Air Force

At the Center for Strategy and Technology, we know that you want to tackle important problems and educate Air Force leaders. In order to do that, you need partners and advocates for your ideas and solutions. The problem is working with government can be slow and bureaucratic which makes you feel frustrated or overwhelmed. We believe America's private industry has much to contribute to our common defense in education and in tangible solutions. We understand technology and how to get things done in government which is why we've worked with hundreds of companies from start-ups to big name contractors, and our results are briefed to senior decision makers to include the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. 

Here's how we do it: 

  1. Learn from each other as part of our Blue Horizons Fellowship curriculum with a class visit to your company or a video teleconference. 
  2. Parter with a Blue Horizons Fellow if your solutions fits their project need.
  3. Make history with our failures and successes.

So, fill in your contact information below. Stop limiting your market and instead bring your expertise to help educate Air Force Leaders and solve hard problems.