Course Purpose and Description:  The course, using comparison and contrast, examines the four CI approaches:  Lean, Six Sigma (Measure Phase only), Theory of Constraints, and Business Process Reengineering.  Students will gain an understanding of why, how and when each of the process improvement methodologies should be applied.  The course emphasizes the Air Force’s 8-Step Problem Solving Method.  The knowledge and capabilities gained through this course provide the necessary experience to execute documented CI efforts and satisfies the academic requirements of the Department of the Air Force (DAF) Black Belt certification program.

Course Length:  This course lasts 10 academic days using a hybrid approach.  The first week is virtual and the second week is conducted in residence at the Ira C. Eaker Center for Leadership Development, Maxwell AFB, AL.

Registration:  Contact your CI Program Manager (PM) or Master Process Officer (MPO) to be nominated to attend the hybrid CI Black Belt course.


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