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General Ira C. Eaker Exhibit - A Study in Leadership
Prepare Wing / Vice Wing Commanders and Spouses, Group Commanders, Senior Materiel Leaders, and Emergency Operations Center Directors for their respective duties via tailored courses to better execute the mission, lead Airmen, manage resources, and improve their units.
The Defense Financial Management & Comptroller School (DFM&CS) mission is to provide world class Financial Management education for DoD personnel by delivering advanced course work in a joint learning environment.
The Force Support Professional Development School (FSPDS) has a dual mission to provide functional Professional Continuing Education (PCE) for Force Support officer, civilian and enlisted community along with leadership, supervisory and managerial development for all Air Force appropriated fund civilian employees.
The AFCCC educates and trains Chaplain Corps personnel to provide spiritual care and advise leadership so Airmen and their families have opportunities to the free exercise of their religion and are spiritually fit to fly, fight and win.
The USAF First Sergeant Academy develops selected senior noncommissioned officers to serve as advisors to commanders on issues that impact our Airmen in successfully accomplishing the Air Force mission.

Ira C. Eaker Center for Leadership Development

Col JonesWelcome to the Ira C. Eaker Center for Leadership Development! Named in honor of aviation pioneer and former 8th Air Force Commander, General Ira C. Eaker, we are part of the Air University and located at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. The Eaker Center supports the Air Force mission by providing functionally-aligned technical training and professional continuing education to Air Force and other Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, as well as offers civilian undergraduate education. The center is composed of seven (7) educational entities: Commanders' Professional Development School, USAF Chaplain Corps College, Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School, Force Support Professional Development School, Civilian Leadership Development School, USAF First Sergeant Academy and Profession of Arms Center of Excellence.

Professional continuing education and technical training are critical components for preparing tomorrow’s Airmen and DoD personnel to meet the challenges of a volatile and dynamic world environment. Eaker Center courses are designed to establish, improve, and institutionalize enduring functional competencies, as well as develop individual leadership and management skills. Our classroom instruction is supplemented by a select and distinguished cadre of adjunct faculty who are senior leaders and recognized functional experts in the Air Force and DoD. Together with education, the Eaker Center also conducts research and provides consultation to our functional communities. We aim to harness the insights and creativity of our faculty and students in order to contribute new knowledge to fields relevant to our warfighters and to inform and influence the thinking of our key stakeholders in a responsive and impactful manner.

We encourage everyone to browse through our web pages on a regular basis, as something is bound to capture your attention. And if you are inbound for a class or taking an online course, our team looks forward to working with you and providing you the education, training, and resources that will help you succeed and be better equipped to achieve mission results.

Terri A. Jones
Colonel, USAF Commander
Commander, Ira C. Eaker Center



The Center of Expertise and Innovation for Professional Development
Advance our warfighters' capacity for effective action through functionally-aligned, relevant and responsive education, training, research, and advisement.

Ira C. Eaker Center

Ira C. Eaker Center for Leadership Development

525 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112-6335

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