Faculty Senate Overview

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Who Are We? What is our Purpose?

The Faculty Senate:

• Serves as a forum for faculty interests and concerns on matters related to the academic enterprise.

• Acts an advisory body to and for the AU Commander on issues pertaining to faculty.

• Members are normally elected by peers in their schools/centers and consider it an honor to serve.

• To serve, Senators must qualify as faculty under the AUI –full-time military or civilian faculty

members, assigned to educational programs at the Maxwell-Gunter and AFIT campuses, whose

primary duties involve teaching, research, and service.


How does Faculty Senate enhance/add value to the AU enterprise?

Whether in professional schools, civilian universities, or PME institutions -- faculty members are the

heartbeat of the academic enterprise. Recruiting, retaining, developing and ultimately, “out-placing” the

best faculty entails empowering them to conduct their work with support from leadership and in an

atmosphere of collegiality, freedom, and transparency.


Faculty Senate plays a robust role at Air University by serving as a voice for faculty across all levels and

organizations that make up AU, and by serving as a conduit for open communication flows on important

academic matters. Our faculty highly value the open exchange of information and the opportunity to share

ideas, best practices, and concerns, horizontally (across all schools/centers) and vertically (up and down the

chains of command).


Some Excerpts from AUI 36-2602, 1.10. Faculty Senate.

• The AU Faculty Senate is an integral part of shared governance of the University. The Senate

advises AU/CC and other senior leaders on matters of faculty concern. Faculty members chosen to

serve on the Faculty Senate provide a highly valued service to the institution. (1.10.1.)

• The Faculty Senate provides the AU/CC advice from an independent University-wide faculty

perspective. (1.10.2.)

• The AU Faculty Senate will be represented in the Academic Administration structure. (

The Faculty Senate:

• Represents all AU Faculty Members (

• Fosters an environment of open communication and understanding across academic disciplines and

schools through analysis of current issues and collegial debate. (

• Discusses with and offers recommendations to the AU/CC on academic matters that affect the

institution. (

• Participates in decision-making bodies of the Academic Administration structure, including the AU

Strategy Council, Academic Council, and Officer Education Deans’ Council. (

• Solicits nominations and provides recommendations for AU Honorary Degrees to AU/A3.


• Attends educational program reviews for the schools to which they are assigned. (

• Meets periodically with the AU/CC and AU/CAO to discuss topics of interest and provide advice to

the AU/CC for consideration. These are closed meetings with the AU/CC and/or AU/CAO.


• Meets with the Board of Visitors during regularly scheduled meetings. (