AIC Course of Study

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The AIC curriculum prepares its graduates for instructor duties within Eaker Center.  The syllabus constitutes a rigorous, comprehensive and fast-paced course that requires extensive reading and moderate research to properly develop appropriate lesson plans.  Major curricular areas are learning theory, communication skills, instructional design, teaching methods, instructional aids, and evaluation.  The course is organized to provide for maximum participation in learning.  The majority of class time is devoted to significant student interaction.  Students write level-of-learning objectives, plan and present teaching lessons, and associated test items.  Students must demonstrate the ability to plan, organize,  and present instructional lessons, including mastering the content of the lesson presented.  The following methods are taught:  demonstration-performance, teaching interview, guided discussion, case study, experiential, e-learning and lecture (formal and informal).  Students are encouraged to develop lesson plans applicable for use at their teaching location.

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