Welcome to the First Sergeant Academy!

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  • USAF First Sergeant Academy, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL
1. On behalf of the Commandant, faculty, and staff, congratulations on your selection to attend the United States Air Force First Sergeant Academy. Your educational experience at the First Sergeant Academy will include an intense curriculum designed to prepare you for first sergeant responsibilities and ultimately your role as a future senior enlisted leader. Our curriculum is now 100% electronic, so you MUST bring your personal laptops, or tablet devices to use during the 4 week in-residence course. The following additional information will ensure your Academy experience is as productive as possible.

     a. The Academy is located in building 1143, 550 McDonald St. Maxwell-Gunter AFB AL 36114-3107 building. Upon arrival to the Montgomery area, you will report directly to either University Inn Lodging office on Maxwell AFB or Gunter Annex, or to a local area hotel for your room assignment. All room reservations will be made for you by the First Sergeant Academy, so please do not make them through DTS. If lodged off base, you will receive a non-availability letter while in attendance at the FSA. Additionally, a lodging roster will be sent out prior to the start of your in-residence course, so you will know which billeting office or local hotel to report to. If arriving early (before Sunday) or late (after 6 pm), please call lodging with your credit card information to secure your room. We will post any changes or additional information as announcements in Canvas.  Canvas login information will be sent out by the Director of Education.

     b. Class hours are Monday through Friday, 0730 - 1615 hours. The report time for day one is 0700 hours on Monday (1st day of class). If lodged off base, a bus will be provided on Day 1 pending LRS ability to support. If you drive to the Academy, park your vehicle in the Enlisted Heritage Research Institute parking lot located on Ave D and enter building 1143 using the student entrance labeled Kisling Hall (to the left of the flag park when facing the building).

     c. Uniform requirements are: On day 1, short or long sleeve blue shirt without the First Sergeant chevron, with ribbons and occupational badge. Uniform on graduation day will be short or long sleeve blue shirt with the First Sergeant chevron sewn on, with ribbons and occupational badge. ABUs/OCPs will be the uniform for all other days, unless otherwise directed.

     d. You are retraining into a Special Duty Identifier (SDI), 8F000 and therefore not authorized to wear any duty badges (i.e. instructor, fire fighter, security forces, etc), organizational cap or beret while performing First Sergeant duty, to include while attending the First Sergeant Academy.

     e. You should expect to participate in physical training while attending the course. Availability of PT uniform items at the Maxwell Military Clothing Sales store may be limited, so bring AF PT Gear items with you. For planning purposes, there will be six PT sessions. You must have a passing fitness assessment that is valid through your graduation date of the course. You must have scored 75 or above on last fitness test, with no failure on any portion within the last 12 months or exemptions from any component with the exception of those due to pregnancy and/or deployment.

     f. In the assignment section in Canvas, upload your current AFFMS fitness report.  If your current fitness test is not valid/current through your graduation date of the class, you will be required to test again and upload the results to Canvas before traveling to the First Sergeant Academy. Please be sure to redact any PII (i.e. social security number or date of birth).

     g. All profiles must be coordinated prior to arrival!  If you are on a profile, please contact the scholl ASAP for further information.

     h. We will need your gaining Command Chief’s organizational E-mail address, not their personal email address.

     i. The Maxwell AFB Post Office delivers mail directly to the First Sergeant Academy. Please use the following address if necessary during your time here:

Student Name
USAF First Sergeant Academy
550 McDonald St.
Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL 36114

     j. Your student break room includes phones, computers (with Internet access), and printer (limited paper supply). The phone number to the break room is DSN 596-4697 / (334) 416-4697. For emergencies, call DSN 596-2900 / (334) 416-2900.

     k. Students attending the First Sergeant Academy are not permitted to smoke or use smokeless tobacco products during class hours or during any Academy-sponsored event. Students are also prohibited from smoking while on campus.

     l. Facilities on Maxwell-Gunter AFB include a dining facility, shoppette/gas station (with limited military clothing sales items), fitness center, library and commissary.

     m. It is your responsibility to comply with all Air Force Instructions, placing particular emphasis on AFI 36-2903.

     n. A $20 landing fee is assessed on day one.

     o. Read History of the First Sergeant before you arrive (the document can be found on Canvas).

     p. Read AFI 36-2113 (The First Sergeant) before arriving.

2. You are required to review the Welcome Letter, Director of Operations and Director of Education letters, and the FSA Procedural Guidance prior to the first day of class (DOT1). This information will be provided to you on Canvas. If you have any questions prior to your arrival or need assistance, please feel free to contact me at DSN 596-2900 / (334) 416-2900 or Email: luther.holsonback@us.af.mil. Again, welcome to the United States Air Force First Sergeant Academy!