Advanced Contingency Course - MFSS275

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The Advanced Contingency Course consists of general Force Support contingency operations and addresses areas of concern for leaders in contingency situations, such as force beddown and base recovery.  Major components of the course include Force Support enduring principles, organizational structures, command and control, contingency personnel program support, resource management, installation development, leadership/management, and sustainment operations.


*MFSS100-Basic Contingency Course is not a prerequisite for MFSS275 Advanced Contingency Course; however, prior completion of MFSS100 is highly recommended.


Distance Learning – Facilitating Learning (DL-FL) environment. *Note for Reserve and Guard, this is unit funded.


Mandatory for 38Fs and SNCOs assigned to Force Support Lead UTCs (RFLXH, RFLXA, RFLXB) and 38Fs assigned to UTC RFLXD.

For FY23 scheduling, top priority will be for Airmen entering their deployment band AND prioritized based on their vulnerability window (first to last).

Any A1/FSS member deploying with an "HHJ" line remark is still required by USAFE to take this course. 

Other Key Audiences:
Silver Flag instructors
Force Support planners at MAJCOMs/COCOMs
Individuals projected to or in their first six months of assignment to a personnel readiness function. 


Class announcements are sent to MAJCOMs approximately 60 days prior to the course start date. Submit nominations through UTMs for consolidation and prioritization at MAJCOMs. Seat prioritization is based off of target audience guidelines.


A nomination does not automatically equate to a seat in the class. Students selected for attendance will be directly notified approximately 45 days prior to the class start date by the course director with instructions on how to complete registration and additional course details.  

QUESTIONS? Contact the FS Readiness org box (  **Nominations or questions sent to personal email addresses will not be accepted.**