These resources equip Airmen with information needed to become highly trained, educated, and adaptable to the threats our competitors present, and the significant role every Airman plays for the mission to be successful.

Building on The Enlisted Force Structure, The "Brown Book," which provides Airmen a roadmap of future roles and responsibilities, Prepping the Line is an initiative to help guide and prepare Airmen for their new roles and to be force multipliers for the Air Force and their units. The Air Force Job Qualification Standard’s (AFJQS) below offer a framework of tangible tasks that measure an Airman's ability to effectively serve in front line leadership roles in the United States Air Force as well as to represent the USAF in Joint Positions. It will bridge the gap between Enlisted Professional Military Education (PME) and on the job experience, allowing for individuals stepping into these new roles to develop some key skills, knowledge, and abilities prior and during the assumption of responsibilities

Doctrine Speaks

Policy Updates

The People-focused Policy Updates page is a one-stop-shop and ever-growing resource for all Airmen to find the latest policy articles, guidance and letters from the Department of the Air Force's senior leadership including the SECAF, CSAF and CMSAF..