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Building Partnerships TribladeMISSION: 

Prepare international military students (IMS) for AU resident PME contracted via FMS cases. Support IMS and their accompanying family members (AFMs) in AU programs.  Partner with international leaders through deliberate engagement & outreach. 


Build Global Partnerships ... One International Leader at a Time


Deliver a Positive and Respectful AU & U.S. Experience


For the past 67 years, the International Officer School (IOS), on behalf of Air University, continues to support national security cooperation strategic imperatives by supporting, preparing, and partnering with our International Military Students (IMS) and their families.   IOS’ three preparatory courses ensure our international military students succeed during their participation, side by side with their American counterparts, in U.S. Air Force Professional Military Education (PME).  

Since its establishment in 1954, more than 12,000 international military students from 136 countries have completed the program. Our preparatory courses improve the IMS’ abilities to express ideas clearly (in both speaking and writing) and to read and comprehend written and spoken materials used in AU classes. A program of planned classroom activities, field studies trips, and a sponsorship program introduces students to the political, military, and socioeconomic aspects of American culture. This orientation enables students to adjust more readily to the Air Force and civilian communities. Academic requirements for each course are designed specifically to the PME school the students will attend.

Additionally, our International Operations Branch provides administrative support to all international students attending any AU school.  The Operations Branch also acts as a liaison between the community and our international guests.  For example, we assist with dependent orientation and integration into base and local communities, while advising on medical care, legal services, as well as morale, welfare, and education.  Finally, the Operations Branch executes all required administrative actions regarding travel to and from their country, to include housing and pay where applicable.

Are There Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes! IOS needs volunteers to help run the International Family Orientation Program (IFOP), recruiting initiatives, and even welcoming international students and families as they arrive at the airport. For more information on volunteering, please contact the IOS Operations branch at: IOS.student.operations@us.af.mil

  • - Having a CRITICAL role in supporting our National Security & Defense Strategies
  • - Travel the world right here in the River Region
  • - Make life-long friendships with international students and families
  • - Enjoy learning about foreign cultures from those who live them
  • - Rediscover what you love about Alabama life by sharing it with fun, interested people
  • - Invitations to Air University sponsored events
  • - Invitation to the Alabama Goodwill Ambassador Appreciation Night which doubles as an annual awards banquet
  • - Take pride in sharing a positive image of Americana, Americans, and increase mutual understanding in the global community
  • - Change the world for the better

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