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This is a "landing page" for you to learn more about what is offered in the local community.

NOTE: In the U.S., where you choose to live dictates where your children will go to school; this is called zoning. Some schools in the area are rated better than others, so you may want to do some research prior to deciding on where to live. For more information on zoning and school ratings, see the “related links” below.

On Base: Privatized Housing

Maxwell AFB does NOT have on base Privatized Housing for International Officers. 

Off Base Housing

Please don't sign a lease or agree to a housing or apartment contract prior to consulting IOS.  Submit a copy of the lease to IOS prior to signing; IOS can check for proper clauses (such as the "Military Clause," ensuring you can end your lease if you have military orders to leave the area), mandatory furnishings, included utilities, among other items.  We recommend, prior to signing a lease, that you do an in-person walkthrough of the residence you plan to rent.  Do not assume that where your country-mate lived is the best place for you and your family.


Unaccompanied students receiving U.S. Government travel and living allowance (TLA) may reside in the Visiting Officer Quarters (VOQ); SOS students will stay on Maxwell AFB. The IOS will reserve VOQ lodging for all unaccompanied students prior to arrival. Should a student receiving TLA choose to live off-base for any reason, all allowances will be forfeited.

Maxwell AFB does not have lodging for families.  If you arrive with your family and need assistance with hotel reservations, please contact IOS for assistance:  IOS.Student.Operations@us.af.mil

See below:  The Heroes Welcome Initiative works hand-in-hand with representatives located in communities across Alabama and is committed to providing military families with information and resources available.  

For specific school liaison assistance, please follow the (SLO) in related links at the bottom of this page.

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