Air Force Fellows – Deputy Director

Location: Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6426

Tour Length: 3 years

Description: The Air Force Fellows program consists of 140+ SDE/IDE selected officers at 60+ geographically separated institutions across the globe (including Japan, Hawaii, Germany and CONUS). While the fellows are in their 10 to 18-month fellowship, the Deputy Director is tasked to ensure daily operations of the program run smoothly and efficiently (e.g. travel, tuition support, security manager support, leave and other administrative and personnel functions). These efforts are accomplished through proactive relationships with AFPC, HAF/A1 and the fellowship institutions. Additionally, the Deputy Director helps manage a $1.6M budget used for research, site visits, staff and student TDYs, institution fees and tuition reimbursement. Lastly, the Deputy Director is directly involved with all aspects of Air Force Fellows’ outreach efforts.

Efforts which include researching and establishing new Fellowships as well as routine interaction with Fellows to maintain situational awareness on the Fellows’ efforts.

Eligibility: Captains [USAF only]

Clearance: Secret

POC: DSN 493-7629, Comm 334-953-7629

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