Eaker Center - Course Director, USAF Wing and Group Command Team Courses (82A0)

Location: Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6426

Tour Length: 3 years

Description: Position is responsible for curriculum development, scheduling, and execution of the USAF Wing and Group Command Team Courses. Determines course content and develops annual curriculum of 240 academic hours spanning a broad range of subjects. Coordinates adjunct faculty and guest speaker participation through direct liaison with OSD, CSAF, CMSAF, SAF, HAF, AFPC and MAJCOMs. Conducts pre-command training courses for over 400 senior officer (O-6) and enlisted (E9) students and hosts over 150 senior military and civilian speakers. Oversight for the content and execution of the USAF Wing and Group Command Team Courses is provided by the CSAF, CMSAF, and Air Staff.

Eligibility: Lieutenant Colonel [USAF only]. Must have an outstanding military record, Master's degree, excellent communication skills, and SDE completed. Graduated squadron commanders are desired. Must meet AF Fitness standards and present a professional image.

Clearance: Minimum Secret. Top Secret desired.

Website: https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Eaker-Center/CPDS/

POC: DSN 493-5568, Comm 334-953-5568

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