Global College of PME Faculty/Staff positions (81T0)

Locations: Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6426

Tour Length: 3 years

Description: The Global College of Professional Military Education (GCPME) faculty and staff positions are selectively manned and must represent a cross-section of the Air Force and Space Force. The GCPME plans, develops, integrates, and executes the distance learning programs for both Officer PME and Enlisted PME. Officer programs include SOS (PDE), ACSC (IDE), AWC (SDE), Flight Commander’s Edge, and the Online Master’s Program (OLMP). Enlisted distance PME includes ALS, NCOA, and SNCOA. GCPME faculty duties include developing curriculum, preparing instructors, evaluating students, and instructing US, officers, enlisted Airmen, and DoD civilians to apply contemporary air, space, and cyber power in support of US national objectives at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. Directorates include Curriculum National Security, Leadership, and Joint Warfare Departments), and Design and Support operations

Eligibility: Majors [USAF/USSF] and Lieutenant Colonels [USAF/USSF] with an outstanding military record of performance, excellent communication skills, Master’s Degree or PhD, and completed PME commensurate with rank (by any method). Must meet AF Fitness standards. One or more of these experiences required: Joint or HQ Staff assignment, CAOC/AOC/JOC/SPOC experience, graduated Squadron Commander, Instructor/Master Instructor (or equivalent), Instructional Design or Instructional Systems Design experience.

Clearance: Minimum of a Secret Clearance is mandatory.  TS/SSBI preferred.


POC: DSN 493-9145 or Commercial: 334-953-9145

51 East Maxwell Boulevard (Bldg. 678), Maxwell AFB, AL 36112
April 1, 2022
Military (Officer/Enlisted); Civilians (Administratively Determined/General Schedule), and Contractors
Global College “core hours” for every workday are from 0900-1500 CT.  Whether on-site or teleworking, Global College personnel must ensure they are available for collaboration and meeting attendance during these core hours.
Joint Airpower and Warfare Studies (GCPME/DLCJ), Strategy and Security Studies (GCPME/DLCS), and Leadership, Ethics, and Profession of Arms (GCPME/DLCL).
Yes, they are in both the DLCJ and DLCL departments.
Course Directors are responsible for building and maintaining current and relevant online courses for all GCPME programs.  Course Instructors are hand-selected contracted faculty that are highly qualified/credentialed professionals.
Prior to teaching for Graduate Professional Military Education (eGPME) online programs, all eGPME CIs must successfully complete the instructor certification course.  The Instructor Orientation and Certification (eIOC) Course familiarizes prospective CIs with the Officer Professional Military Education (OPME) Distance Learning curriculum, educational philosophy, policies, procedures, and CI performance expectations.
Yes, a four-day orientation (Summer timeframe) is given to new inbounds and lasts approximately 0900-1600.  Topics include GCPME Overview, Curriculum, EPME, Design and Development, and Ops Support.  Additionally, there is a staff tour in Downtown Montgomery.

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