About Air University's International Affairs Directorate

Air University (AU) is uniquely postured to support U.S. national security goals by conducting international activities that assist combatant commanders, allied and coalition warfighting capability, enhance regional stability, and foster building international partnerships as well as partnership capacity. Further, the Air University’s International Affairs (AU/IA) Directorate provides a central point of contact for, and acts in the capacity as, advisor on international matters to aid the Air University Commander in accomplishing the AU mission.

In the National Security Strategy, LOE 2 states (paraphrased), “build the strongest possible coalition of nations to enhance our collective influence to shape the global strategic environment and to solve shared challenges...our alliances and partnerships are our most important strategic asset and an indispensable element contributing to international peace and stability.”

Additionally, the National Security Strategy states, “We cannot meet these complex and interconnected challenges alone. Mutually-beneficial Alliances and partnerships are our greatest global strategic advantage – and they are a center of gravity for this strategy.”

AU/IA is absolutely aligned with these strategies.

The Air University’s International Affairs fulfills contractual obligations & legal requirements of the DoD Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program in accordance with the Foreign Assistance Act, Title 22, & Title 10.

The IA Directorate has two branches, International Affairs, Operations (AU/IO): and International Affairs, Engagements (AU/IAX).



Assures compliance with statutory & regulatory requirements enabling AU to build partnerships, interoperability, as well as partner capability & capacity.  Fulfills legal requirements for the implementation of the DoD Field Studies Program IAW Title 22 U.S. Code & DODI 5410.17 across 11 congressionally mandated objectives. Provide reception, transportation, in/out-processing, pay, access to medical care, health & welfare, admin-services, security vetting, community liaison, and other support to all International Military Students and accompanied family members.

Conducts dependent support programs designed to acculturate & integrate accompanied family members, such as the International Family Orientation Program.


Manages programs that create and strengthen international partnerships through engagement and outreach, executes AU’s Foreign Disclosure responsibilities, manages foreign visits to MAFB through the DoD Foreign Visit System & executes the Military Personnel Exchange Program.

AU/IAPN conducts International Alumni Engagements via Key Leader Engagements, Alumni Engagements, and senior leader education programs, to include: 

The CSAF/CMSAF International Honor Roll (IHR) that recognizes alumni who have attained CSAF/CMSAF equivalent or higher; there are currently 573 inductees from 106 partners.

The International Alumni of Distinction Seminar (IADS) explores timely and relevant strategic topics, builds upon existing relationships & establishes new ones through keynote speakers, faculty-led panels, & group discussions among today’s int’l military leaders.