Air University / Maxwell AFB News

  • Heart Link introduces spouses to Maxwell, community: Program wins Air Education and Training Command award

    Spouses at Maxwell-Gunter can experience Air Education and Training Command's best Heart Link program as it's offered Aug. 2 from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.Designed to unite family and spouses together, Heart Link has introduced new and seasoned military spouses to the Air Force and Maxwell for more than 10 years.Ruben Aguilar, the A&FRC's volunteer
  • Maxwell Middle/Elementary School begins academic year

    Despite Department of Defense furloughs, the Maxwell Elementary/Middle School will start on time and as scheduled for the 2013-2014 school year. Teachers will be back for work days on Aug. 1 and students arrive for their first day Aug. 6, with pre-kindergarten students beginning school Aug. 19. Furlough days for Maxwell Elementary/Middle School are
  • AWC welcomes class of 2014

    Continuing the mission to educate officers to serve as strategic national security leaders, the Air War College welcomed the class of 2014 during its annual in-processing event Monday at the Maxwell Club.The class of 245 students is comprised of 43 international officers from 42 different countries, 106 Air Force, 10 Navy, 10 Marine Corps, one
  • LEAP accepting officer applications through Sept. 5

    The Language Enabled Airman Program is currently accepting officer applications for the fall 2013 selection board. LEAP is a career-spanning program to identify, develop and sustain Airmen's foreign language and cultural capabilities. The application period for the fall 2013 selection board closes Sept. 5.Managed by the Air Force Culture and
  • Referees keep the peace on courts, fields

    Spectators at Maxwell's intramural games often root for one of two teams battling on the field or court, but little do they notice a third team, much smaller, until they disagree with one of its calls. They are the referees.A team all its own, 18 referees at Maxwell continue to give back to the intramural program after their days as athletes have
  • Airmen learn to 'bounce back' at resilency training

    It's sometimes hard to be tough, but base leaders are offering help. The 42nd Air Base Wing has initiated Resilience Development Training courses, as part of an Air Force wide resiliency initiative. The courses, taught by Master Resilience Trainers Senior Master Sgt. Jennifer Hellwig and Latonya Lewis, ran from July 9-11. They are used to train
  • Children enjoy outdoors, learning at Camp Sunshine

    Maxwell, in conjunction with the Tukabatachee area of the Boy Scouts held the 11th annual Camp Sunshine program at the Maxwell Base Lakes, Monday.Fifty boys, ages six through 12 spent this week learning activities such as archery, target shooting, swimming and military dog training.Michael Collins, executive for the Boy Scouts and camp director,
  • Rabies: What you need to know

    Rabies is a deadly viral infection that is mainly spread by infected animals. This potentially fatal virus is transmitted to humans by an infected animal's saliva through a bite wound, contact with mucous membranes or broken skin. The virus travels from the wound to the brain, where it causes swelling or inflammation, and this inflammation leads to
  • Eaker Center gains new leader

    During a ceremony Monday inside the Maxwell Club, command of the Ira C. Eaker Center for Professional Development was transferred from Col. John McCain to Col. Roland Van Deventer.The change of command reunited Van Deventer with the Air University, the River Region and his family after three years abroad.Van Deventer, a graduate of the Squadron
  • Local Women's Army Corps, Air Force retiree turns 100

    During World War II, more than 150,000 women enlisted in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) and the Women's Army Corps (WAC). Despite the initial difficulty the Army and the American public had accepting the notion of women in uniformed service, these women would honorably serve their nation in a variety of enlisted positions from telephone