Air University / Maxwell AFB News

  • Fire Prevention week Oct. 4-10

    The week of Oct. 4-10 marks the 2009 Fire Prevention Week at Maxwell-Gunter, and this year's theme is: "Stay Fire Smart! Don't Get Burned," said James Smith, Maxwell's assistant chief for fire prevention. The chief said the event concentrates this year on preventing burns, not just from structural fires, but also from contact with objects like
  • Influenza prevention strategy: Social distancing

    Prevention is vital for protecting yourself, as well as your family and co-workers from influenza during the upcoming influenza season. One prevention strategy recommended by the Centers for Disease Control is "Social Distancing." Distancing guidance is based on scientific knowledge that the influenza virus is spread through respiratory droplets
  • Standards and discipline ... critical to mission success

    Standards and discipline play an important role in mission accomplishment. Ask yourself how can we effectively accomplish the mission if we don't comply with mandated Air Force and DoD standards? If we don't follow the rules, we simply put ourselves in trouble all the time, and certainly won't be able to take care of our people and certainly won't
  • Ceremony honors POW-MIA sacrifice

    Throughout the nation's history, personal sacrifices have often been required of those involved in national defense. The sacrifices of American prisoners of war and missing in action were recognized with a luncheon, a Missing Man Table ceremony and a wreath-laying in front of the POW/MIA monument as part of Maxwell Air Force Base's observance of
  • Air Force Chief of Staff names MIT cadet as cadet of the year

    The Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, recently named the 2009 United States Air Force Cadet of the Year. Cadet Col. Ryan W. Castonia, a senior, majoring in Aerospace Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was notified of the honor in an official letter signed by the general. He is a member of the Air Force
  • ORE closes with valuable lessons learned

    The 908th Airlift Wing returned to Maxwell Saturday after a week-long Operational Readiness Exercise at the Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center, Gulfport, Miss. While there, the wing learned much in its preparation for the December Operational Readiness Inspection. For the exercise, six of the Air Force Reserve unit's C-130 aircraft along
  • What goes around comes around

    A phrase we often hear in life is "what goes around comes around." I had never thought of that phrase from a mentoring standpoint until Aug. 24. I was instructing two classes of Air and Space Basic Course students on Air Force Instruction 36-2618, the Enlisted Force Structure, prior to their first day of the combined operations activities with the
  • Air Force leadership emphasizes AFSO21

    In a joint June 2009 memorandum, the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force pointed out the importance of Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century, or AFSO21. "AFSO21 represents a fundamental transformation in how Airmen work," Sec. Michael Donley and Gen. Norton Schwartz said in their memorandum. "We must take advantage of every
  • AFHRA employee retires after more than 50 years of service

    Fresh out of high school, Helen Weaver joined the ranks of the Montgomery Veteran's Administration in September 1957, and has been a government employee ever since. She began her career as a clerk/typist at the VA and was looking forward to a career in government service. "Even before I got out of high school I wanted to go into civil service," she
  • Consider showing a little kindness

    The great Rabbi and teacher, Abraham Joshua Heschel, once wrote, "When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people." That's one of those quotes that I consider a keeper. I'm growing older. In fact, I just turned 50 years of age. And, while in no way do I feel old, I very much agree with the famous Rabbi. The older

Department of Defense

Speeding ahead with the development of hypersonic weapons will require the Defense Department to be far less risk-averse than it is now, DOD's director of defense research and engineering for modernization said.
The Missile Defense Agency is looking to adapt current technologies against the hypersonic threat while looking toward new capabilities.
NATO welcomes nuclear arms talks between the United States and Russia, but would like China to join the negotiations, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.
China is actively working in Europe and Africa to subvert the infrastructure that has maintained peace since the end of World War II, the commander of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe and Africa and NATO's Allied Joint Force Command said.
Artificial Intelligence enabled analysts to better understand captured documents from the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, a Defense Intelligence Agency official said.
Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper visited officers and enlisted airmen at Royal Air Force Mildenhall in England to get updates on missions and discuss the base’s role in the European and African theaters.