Air University / Maxwell AFB News

  • 'Considerable improvement' seen in September exercise

    The Maxwell-Gunter Exercise Evaluation Team chief said the September base exercise showed "considerable improvement," especially in the area of major accident response exercises. "The MARE went really well," said Gary Looney. "Security forces, the fire department, HAZMAT, Bio-environmental Engineering and the hospital all coordinated their efforts
  • Former Joint Chiefs chairman remembers 9/11

    Sept. 11 was a day of remembrance across the country as Americans reflected on the events that occurred that day in 2001. Gen. Richard B. Myers, the now-retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, traveled to Maxwell to share his unique perspective of what happened that day and offered his outlook on the continuing Global War on Terror. At the
  • Maxwell houses Urban Search, Rescue teams

    More than 250 members of Urban Search and Rescue teams from across the country arrived at Maxwell on Sept 8 to provide direct support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Hurricane Ike operations. Urban SAR teams are called upon during national emergencies such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks to provide initial medical response
  • Maxwell officials provide shelter for Gustav evacuees

    When Hurricane Gustav made landfall early Sept. 1 along the Louisiana coast, 658 individuals from the Gulf Coast region were safely out of harm's way in temporary facilities here. Maxwell Air Force Base is a designated National Logistical Support Area for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and people and pets found safe harbor at the south
  • Physical training requires a personal push

    It is a simple task to mandate physical training three times per week. Our Air Force gives leadership legal authority to dictate a show time, minimum program elements (strength, cardio) and minimum duration of our workouts. The Uniform Code of Military Justice provides tools to maintain discipline if necessary. All of these things are relatively
  • Education highlighted during Air Force IT Conference

    The professional education of thousands of Airmen and Air Force civilian personnel is on the fast track to change, according to a seminar at the Air Force Information Technology Conference on Tuesday. "Air Education and Training Command's vision is to deliver unrivaled air, space and cyberspace education and training," Maj. Gen. Erwin F. Lessel
  • Air Force IT Conference kicks off

    The Air Force Information Technology Conference kicked off Monday at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa at the Convention Center in downtown Montgomery, Ala. The 754th Electronics System Group is hosting the week-long technology conference in conjunction with the city, and officials expect approximately 5,600 government and civilian attendees. Lt. Gen.
  • Maxwell shelters Navy Seahawks from Tropical Storm Fay

    Dozens of U.S. Navy helicopters evacuated from the Florida coast to Maxwell Air Force Base on Wednesday in an effort to avoid the destruction of Tropical Storm Fay. Navy Cmdr. Chris Fallia said the decision to evacuate to Maxwell AFB happened early Wednesday, when the tropical storm was projected to veer back inland after hugging the East Coast,
  • Staying safe in the real world

    It's no secret. We're flying some old airplanes. In fact, aging airplanes continue to consume much of our attention. We are currently replacing the wing boxes on our C-130s, first delivered in 1956. Late last year, we grounded our F-15Cs, first delivered in 1974, after one literally broke apart in the sky. And more recently, we have focused on the
  • Convoys, IEDs and low-crawling: Deployers train at Fort Dix

    Green smoke flooded the air and ground bursts exploded as Fire Team Bravo maneuvered in a tactical V formation at Fort Dix recently as part of training required for every Airman deploying to the Central Command area of responsibility. "Advanced Contingency Skills Training is for support personnel whose primary mission is not outside the wire," said