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  • Retired Gen. Habiger honored at OTS

    Retired Gen. Eugene Habiger was honored at Officer Training School as the 2012 distinguished alumni inductee Aug. 30.During Habiger's visit to Maxwell, he was the guest speaker at Basic Officer Training graduation dining out, honored at the distinguished alumni ceremony and was the reviewing official for the BOT graduation parade. "It is a great
  • Airman spends day with command chief

    As part of the Junior Enlisted Advisory Council shadow program, one of Maxwell's newest Airmen had an opportunity to spend the day with the 42nd Air Base Wing command chief Aug. 8.Airman 1st Class Lance Thornton, an Air University computer programmer, was selected by a group of his peers to receive a one-on-one mentorship opportunity with Chief
  • RED HORSE team modernizes Maxwell’s training sites

    Members of the 823rd RED HORSE Squadron have spent the past two weeks renovating field training sites for Maxwell AFB. The 17-Airman crew demolished tents, set up the Alaska Small Shelter Systems and installed electricity and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Lt. Col. John Blackwell, commander of the 22nd Training Support Squadron, asked
  • The Air Force’s Future; A day in the life of an OTS trainee

    Early in the morning at Maxwell Air Force Base, reveille breaks the silence, kicking off a day full of challenges and new experiences for an Officer Training School trainee.Within minutes, the future officers hustle to get dressed and formed up for physical training. Rare moments of silence are broken by the barks of the military training
  • No ifs, ands or butts - Maxwell takes steps toward a tobacco-free force

    As the 42nd Air Base Wing begins to implement a new Air Force Instruction regarding designated smoking areas, Maxwell takes steps toward a becoming a tobacco-free community."While we are restricting the areas in which people can use tobacco, our real goal is to get people away from using tobacco, period," said Col. Brian Killough, commander of the
  • Learning to lead - Air Force ROTC students battle through the tests to become officers

    For roughly 2,400 selected Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets, summer vacations and beach trips were postponed and replaced with a 28-day field training course held annually at Officer Training School.Air University holds field-training courses for college students in the ROTC program during the summer between their sophomore and junior years of
  • Gathering of Eagles selects 2012 honorees

    The U.S Air Force's Gathering of Eagles symposium, held annually at Maxwell, recently announced the honored Eagles invited for the 2012 program, scheduled June 5-9. The 2012 Gathering of Eagles theme - "Adversity-Victory-Legacy" - embodies the experiences of the selected Eagles, among them test pilots, prisoners of war and a Women Airforce Service
  • Fly, Fight, Run! - OTS ‘aims high’ with physical training program

    It's 5:15 a.m. on a Monday at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. and the sun is just rising. The grass glistens with drops of dew as streaks of amber and tangerine stretch throughout the sky above. It's a great morning to relax."DOWN!" yells the instructor and realization hits. You're not at home preparing to enjoy the brisk taste of your preferred
  • Base walkers raise awareness

    Maxwell community members put on walking shoes and spoke out against sexual assault Wednesday as they marched from gate to gate, kicking off Sexual Assault Awareness Month.The group of about 80 walked from the Day Street gate to the Maxwell Boulevard gate along Selfridge Street, carrying banners and waving signs.The group chanted "hurts one, hurts

Department of Defense

Some 120,000 members of the National Guard have responded this year to natural disasters, have participated in global military operations, responded to civil disturbances and responded to COVID-19, the chief of the National Guard Bureau said.
The assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for military personnel policy and the Washington Headquarters Services director gave a Pentagon briefing on COVID-19 response efforts.
Speeding ahead with the development of hypersonic weapons will require the Defense Department to be far less risk-averse than it is now, DOD's director of defense research and engineering for modernization said.
The Missile Defense Agency is looking to adapt current technologies against the hypersonic threat while looking toward new capabilities.
NATO welcomes nuclear arms talks between the United States and Russia, but would like China to join the negotiations, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.
China is actively working in Europe and Africa to subvert the infrastructure that has maintained peace since the end of World War II, the commander of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe and Africa and NATO's Allied Joint Force Command said.