Best of the Best: MIT cadet selected as Air Force ROTC Cadet of the Year

  • Published
  • By Michael Ritz
  • Air University Public Affairs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology ROTC Cadet Col. Nicholas James was honored recently as Air Force ROTC’s Cadet of the Year.

The award was presented to James by Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, General Stephen Wilson during ceremonies at the Pentagon on Feb. 23.

According to Detachment Commander Lt. Col. Sheryl Ott, “MIT’s AFROTC Detachment 365 is extremely honored to have one of our cadets earn the Cadet of the Year award. This is the second consecutive year a cadet from our detachment has been awarded Cadet of the Year. Additionally, it’s a testament to the efforts and achievements not just of Cadet James, but of all our dedicated and hard-working cadets who also - for the second year in a row - earned recognition as AFROTC’s Right of Line Award as best small detachment in the nation.”

Exemplifying the best qualities of leadership, scholarship and military bearing, cadet James serves as a superb role model for his fellow Detachment 365 cadets, as well as AFROTC cadets across the nation.

According to James, “Being named Cadet of the Year is really a testament to the support I received from my cadre, the guidance from my mentors, and the patience of my peers. I’ve enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that have come my way, and I’m excited to give back to the Air Force that’s already done so much for me.”

In summing up the individual accomplishments of James and the overall accomplishments of Detachment 365, Ott said, “We’re proud that with the combination of Air Force training in our program, and the academic excellence of our host institution MIT, we are producing future lieutenants of high caliber. With so many of todays’ best and brightest choosing careers in industry rather than in service to our great nation, it’s truly heartening that outstanding individuals like Cadet James will shape and lead our Air Force into the future.”