AFCCC: Forging Tradition in the Midst of Accelerated Change

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As the U.S. Air and Space Forces prepare for the future high-end fight, Air Force Chief of Staff, General Charles Brown has challenged the services to “Accelerate Change or Lose.” The Chaplain Corps has certainly experienced and responded to this “Accelerated Change” with its quick reaction to the worldwide pandemic, the spectacular success of Taskforce True North and the ever evolving world around us in regard to the social dynamics within and outside of our service. And yet, in the midst of such an environment, we understand that it is important to have places, things and people who ground and center us.  With this in mind, the Chaplain Corps College has begun to issue a heritage coin to BCC graduates that will help anchor chaplains in the call of duty and bring tradition and a heritage-piece to our community.

Awarded by the Chief of Chaplains or one of his/her representatives, each BCC graduate will receive a numbered coin crafted to signify the unique role and abilities of Air Force Chaplains as well as their connection to the scores of chaplains who have paved the way before them. Capturing the elements of service, leadership and spirituality, the coin was designed to represent the makeup of who we are.  Cast in blue, gold and white, these colors signify our Air Force heritage, the glory of our calling and the purity of the chapel mission. On one side, the Chaplain Corps seal is flanked by four symbols of faith which represent our diversity. On the other, the Hap Arnold Wings speaks to our legacy in the force. In some sense, we hope that this symbol, stamped with a specific number and recorded in the AFCCC registry, will function as a lasting personal reminder for our chaplains to focus on timeless targets in the midst of an ever changing world.