Maxwell Air Force Base host the Puerto Rico Project Language

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Rhonda Smith
  • Air University PA

Maxwell AFB hosts cadets from Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Project Language began May 28, 2021.

The PRPL is a four week program that began in1975, where it derived from the Defense Language Institute English Language Center program. It was provided by the U.S. Army trainees, who were permanent residents or U.S. citizens, with English-language training and cultural immersion.

“The cadets who have already taken the test have high scores except in the grammar and reading portion because English is their second language”, said Sarah Martin, an English Language instructor and supervisor. “Our cadets are intelligent and capable leaders, the only barrier is their English proficiency.”

The training aims to develop the cadets to create a more diverse force while providing the necessary skills to pass the Air Force Officer’s Qualification Test, such as, verbal skills and confidence needed to communicate during live training events.

The cadets attended multiple classes a day that focused on reading comprehension, grammar, and word knowledge. The classes consist of open discussions on modern topics and policies, reading lessons, brain teasers, and competitive word games.

“My experience has been superb and a great opportunity for me to improve my English, '' said cadet Gffrey Torres, participant of the PRPL program.” “It has also helped me improve my leadership and followership skills and enhance my understanding of Air Force traditions.”

The PRPL program is one of many at the International Officer School that provides a continuum of learning and has evolved to meet the needs of new generational leaders.