Air University Press releases summer 2021 journals

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Air University Press’s stable of summer 2021 journals are available at AU Press publishes Air & Space Power Journal, Strategic Studies Quarterly, Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs and Journal of the Americas.

Air & Space Power Journal’s summer edition features articles on the importance of teaching aircrew judgment rather than simple tactical problem-solving, game-theoretic system design, evolving air combat to better counter A2/AD, a proposal that STEM degrees are overemphasized in Space Force recruiting, next-generation combat search and rescue and reinvigorating a disruptive technology culture in the Air Force and the Space Force. See  

Strategic Studies Quarterly’s special edition on civil-military relations features reflections by some of the most insightful scholars and practitioners in the field on civil-military relations and ways forward. Retired Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, 19th chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gives his insights on how open communication and trust can help make civil-military relationships work. This issue is intended to “help launch the candid dialogue that civilian and military leaders must have with one another if they are to successfully face future challenges together,” according to guest editor Jim Golby. See   

The Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs released its summer issue and, in collaboration with the Air Force Culture and Language Center and guest editor Dr. Jessica Jordan, the special issue “Hindsight 20/20: The Past Shapes Our Future.” Summer issue features include Pacific Air Forces Commander Gen. Kenneth S. Wilsbach on the influence of the People’s Republic of China in international affairs and Lt. Gen. David Krumm and Col. Matthew Nicholson on “The Arctic in the Age of Strategic Competition.” Lt. Gen. Jon T. Thomas discusses operational maneuver and sustainment in the Indo-Pacific. See

The summer edition of Journal of the Americas highlights Mosaic warfare, with other topics covering military strategy, transnational crime, United Nations’ missions in Africa, and more. The summer issue will post on July 29, 2021. To catch up on previous editions, see