42nd Medical Group holds open house for network providers

  • Published
  • By Mark Gaston
  • Air University Public Affairs

The 42nd Medical Group and Humana Military held a Provider Open House on base to strengthen the relationships with local care providers March 23, 2023.

The open house provided the opportunity for the medical group to connect with the more than 35 community providers in attendance to help them understand the base mission, the unique challenges faced by military families and how providers can better assist military members, retirees and dependents.

As an ambulatory clinic, the 42nd Medical Group offers only limited specialty services. To ensure optimal access to all specialty services, Humana Military partners with the Department of Defense to administer the TRICARE health program, which coordinates access to network services for beneficiaries.

"The medical group directly supports more than 11,000 enrollees and indirectly supports more than 42,000 beneficiaries and retirees here. We know how challenging the health insurance and managed care industry has become, and we understand how the complexity can affect network providers,” said Arthur James Thornton, Jr., 42nd MDG TRICARE liaison. "We are making every effort to build bonds and partnerships to ensure providers realize the value they bring to the treatment team."

Access to pediatric care in the network is key to supporting the beneficiaries at Maxwell.

“Military members and retirees need to know their family members are cared for during their time at Maxwell, and the open house provided the opportunity to connect with providers and discuss how they can better assist and care for our loved ones," said Maj. Brandy Clary, 42nd MDG family nurse practitioner. "In turn, we discussed how the medical group could assist providers better and make the process more seamless when referring our patients."

“Many network providers in attendance had never set foot on Maxwell before the event," said Lt. Col. David M. Lutz, medical treatment facility deputy director and administrator. "This experience and relationship-building is a crucial component as we explore more access to pediatric care in the network for our beneficiaries and more robust partnerships with key healthcare stakeholders in the Montgomery area and beyond."

The plan is to use the momentum from the installation’s first open house before COVID and this event to continue expanding reach into the network to improve the healthcare experience for Maxwell-Gunter beneficiaries.

For TRICARE coverage, use a TRICARE-authorized provider. These providers are licensed by the state, accredited by national organizations or meet other medical community standards.