Air University Emphasizes ‘Prepping the Line’ Initiative

  • Published
  • By A1C Tyrique Barquet
  • Air University Public Affairs

Lt. Gen. Andrea TullosAir University commander and president, reinforced the U.S. Air Force’s "Prepping the Line" initiative in memorandum to AU commanders, commandants and directors on 11 August.

The memo, entitled “Prepping the Line (Front-Line Leader Development),” explains how the supervisor-specific Job Qualification Standard initiative provides a structured approach and certification for new front-line supervisors. In order to develop the Air Force we need, the JQS aligns with expectations outlined in the Enlisted Force Structure to prepare and certify front-line supervisors to embody leadership qualities.

“The JQS is designed for Total Force supervisors and is essential to developing the requisite skills for our next generation of warfighters,” said Tullos.

Air University commanders, commandants and directors are encouraged to ensure all new supervisors are certified using the Supervisor JQS within six months of assuming their duties. Using the will oversee the certification of new supervisors using the Supervisor JQS within six months of assuming their roles.

“The JQS content serves as a foundation,” Tullos said. “Commanders are encouraged to incorporate additional relevant material to support their unit’s mission and development plans.”

Additionally, this initiative supplements Professional Military Education and guides supervisors in developing, caring for and mentoring others.

Read the Air University Prepping the Line memo (11 August 2023)

For more information visit: Air University Foundational Resources website.