Maxwell Highlight: The heroes behind the scenes

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Greydon Furstenau
  • 42nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

In a role that demands precision and leadership, Staff Sgt. Khadijah Jones stands out as a beacon of excellence within the 42nd Contracting Squadron.

As the non-commissioned officer in charge of the Infrastructure Flight, Jones plays a crucial role ensuring the operational readiness of Maxwell Air Force Base and Gunter Annex.

Supporting the Mission

 "We award supply contracts, service contracts and construction contracts to qualified vendors, ensuring we follow federal acquisition processes," Jones said. "I support the mission by equipping units with the necessary resources to carry out their tasks effectively."

A Personal Journey of Service and Dedication

Jones' journey into the military was driven by a desire to be a role model for her younger siblings.

"I didn't come from the best environment," she shared. "Joining the military and accomplishing what I have achieved has inspired my younger siblings. I want to keep moving forward and show them that they can achieve far beyond what I've achieved."

Inspiration to Remain in Service

Her commitment to her family and her role as a leader within the Air Force are intertwined. By continuously developing herself professionally and personally, Jones sets a powerful example of resilience and growth.

"I didn't know for sure what I wanted to do growing up," Jones shared. "Once I joined the Air Force and became a contracting specialist, I found something I wanted to pursue as a career, even after military service."

Jones values the opportunities for continuous development that the Air Force provides, from education benefits to leadership roles.

"This is the best avenue for me to grow as a contracting professional and a leader," Jones added.

Connecting to the Bigger Picture

For Jones, serving in the Air Force is about being part of something greater.

"I really internalize being part of the Air Force's history, legacy and honor," she explained. "I feel like I'm making a difference. We touch every part of the mission because contracting is essential to getting any type of work done."

Words of Wisdom and Leadership

Jones lives by a leadership mantra: empower, inspire and lead with integrity. She believes in allowing others to perform at higher roles, sharing her story to inspire, maintaining honesty and accountability in everything she does.

Her top three tips for success are to:

  1. Be proactive: Take initiative and go out of your way to accomplish tasks without waiting for direction.
  2. Continuously develop: Continuously develop yourself professionally and personally.
  3. Take initiative: Make the most of every opportunity to grow and excel.