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CFC campaign celebrates success

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- The Heart of Alabama Combined Federal Campaign contributors, leadership and organizers, as well as representatives from seven participating charities were encouraged to toot their own horns Dec. 9. Noise makers reminiscent of New Year's Eve were placed at each place setting in the Maxwell Club ballroom during a victory and awards celebration, and the master of ceremonies, Bob Crittenden of Faith Radio, encouraged all in attendance to let loose in recognition of the resounding success of this year's effort.

The CFC raised a combined pledge of $1,304,173 or 116 percent of the goal. The donation campaign, which gathers the pledged donations of military, federal and postal employees, benefits more than 150 charities in 29 Alabama counties.

Lt. Gen. David Fadok, the commander and president of the Air University as well as a co-chairman of this year's campaign, praised the "extraordinary campaign." He defined volunteers as "a code word for people who make miracles happen, and that's exactly what happened in the 2011 CFC. We truly appreciate all the work you've done."

"You don't have to search too far to see why charitable giving is so important," he said. "Fire, floods, natural disasters and human needs of all kinds coupled with the current economic environment continue to challenge us and stretch our resources."

Fadok gave April's deadly, destructive tornado outbreak as an example of such an event happening close to home and added, "When disasters happen, our community steps up to the plate."

Installation program officers and senior project officers were recognized, as well as Gold Award organizations from all across the federal government in the 29-county region that met or exceeded their goals. Among the organizations honored, 15 set new records, 30 exceeded stretch goals and six scored a trifecta - being early in reaching the goal, making the stretch goal and setting a new record for the organization.

Col. Brian Killough, 42nd Air Base Wing commander, said one of the installation project officers described the campaign as "the best thing I've done in my military career." He expressed his appreciation to those who worked hard on the campaigns, as well as the donors themselves, who "gave from the heart" in a particularly gloomy economic period. "What a great accomplishment," he said. "You're an amazing team, and I'm honored to work beside you."

As he pointed out the campaign total, Xavier "Lew" Lewis, director of the Heart of Alabama CFC, said, "That number didn't happen by accident. We have superb volunteers who went out and did a great job." He thanked the base leadership, crediting their involvement as a key ingredient in the successful campaign.

"We started the campaign saying a recession is on but we refuse to participate," Lewis said.

Gold Award organizations on Maxwell-Gunter

· 26th Network Operations Squadron, 150 percent
· 42nd Air Base Wing organizations, 104 percent, stretch goal
· 331st Recruiting Squadron, 190 percent
· 690th Network Support Squadron, detachment 2, 394 percent, stretch goal
· 908th Airlift Wing, 128 percent, stretch goal
· Air Force Financial Systems Operations, 235 percent, trifecta
· Air Force Historical Research Agency, 144 percent
· Air Force Legal Operations Agency, Judge Advocate School, 164 percent, trifecta
· Air Force Logistics Management Agency, 206 percent, early bird, new record
· Air Force Research Institute, 160 percent, stretch goal
· Air University Headquarters, 138 percent, stretch goal
· Army and Air Force Exchange Service, 369 percent, early bird
· Carl A. Spaatz Center for Officer Education, 118 percent
· Air Command and Staff College
· Air War College
· Education Support Squadron, early bird, new record
· International Officer School, stretch goal
· Spaatz Center (CC and AR), new record
· Squadron Officer College
· Defense Information Systems Agency, 175 percent, trifecta
· Electronic Systems Center, 100 percent
· Ira C. Eaker Center for Professional Development, 211 percent, early bird, stretch goal
· Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development, 132 percent, stretch goal
· Curtis LeMay Center for Doctrine Development, 111 percent
· Maxwell AFB Elementary Middle School, 101 percent
· Maxwell Commissary, 150 percent
· Maxwell Federal Prison Camp, 155 percent
· Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center, 142 percent
· School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, 110 percent
· Thomas Barnes Center for Enlisted Development organizations, 160 percent
· Air Force First Sergeants Academy, trifecta
· Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy
· Barnes Center staff, trifecta
· Community College of the Air Force, trifecta
· Gunter Noncommissioned Officer Academy