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Air Force announces Maxwell officer promotions

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- Air Force officials announced Tuesday the results of the officer promotion boards to the ranks of colonel, lieutenant colonel, and major. 

The following were selected for promotion from the Maxwell-Gunter community: 

Steven A. Schaick, Air War College 

Lieutenant Colonel
Patrick W. Franzese, School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
David L. Carr, Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development
William G. O'Sullivan, ECPD
Elizabeth Schuchs-Gopaul, Air Force Legal Operations Agency
John C. Johnson, AFLOA
Kyle W. Green, AFLOA
Charles D. J. Musselman, AFLOA

Tracy L. Taylor, 23rd Training Squadron
Hugh P. Sponseller, 29th Student Squadron
Matty L. Garr, 30th Student Squadron
Kenneth M. Shirley, 30th SS
Brian L. Spliethof, 30th SS
Jorge L. Manresa, 31st Student Squadron
Klifford W. Mosley, 31st SS
Scott B. Ryan, 31st SS
William L. Boyles Jr., 32nd Student Squadron
Joseph W. Roach, 32nd SS
Lisa A. Miller, 33rd Student Squadron
Justin B. Radford, 34th Student Squadron
David A. Hagler, 36th Student Squadron
Austin A. Bartolo, 37th Student Squadron
Ryan Canaan Cengeri, 621st Contingency Operations Group
Joseph M. Butryn, 754th Electronic Systems Group
Dennis C. Clements, Air Force Logistics Management Agency
John A. Flory, AFLMA
Ryan A. Hendricks, Air Force Legal Operations Agency
Brent F. Osgood, AFLOA
David Routhier, AFLOA
Jodi M. Velasco, AFLOA
Paul K. Gulck, AFROTC Detachment 5
Dale M. Lightfoot, AFROTC Det 5
Israel Figueroa-Rodriguez, AFROTC Detachment 755
Lorrie C. Carter, Air and Space Basic Course
Steven J. Pena, Detachment 2 , 690th Network Support Squadron
Kevin B. Stanley, Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development
Michael E. Collins, Holm Center
Shon P. Dodson, Holm Center
Phillip H. Silva, Holm Center
Sonda L. Lee, Headquarters AFROTC
Ethel Y. Glenn, Headquarters Air University
Marc A. Vassallo, LeMay Center
Charleen Barlow, Squadron Officer College
Heather R. Capurro, SOC
Kenneth P. Hanson, SOC
Eric J. McGreevy, SOC
Ernie J. Baldree, SOC