BAH changes show ups, downs for Maxwell

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Melissa Copeland
  • Air University Public Affairs
The New Year may bring a few extra dollars to some Maxwell servicemembers and their families, but for others, wallets may be emptying a little quicker than usual.

The Department of Defense released the Basic Allowance for Housing rates December 15, and the average 6.9 percent raise will give members with dependents an increase of around $95 per month.

For senior enlisted members with dependents, that rate averages $93 more per month than 2008 and approximately $68 more per month for junior enlisted members with dependents.

Although most Airmen will see an increase according to the charts, certain ranks, such as company and field grade officers with or without dependents, may see a decrease in BAH rates.

"We did see some decreases in some areas for some pay grades," said Susan Brumbaugh, director of the Defense Department's BAH program, "[but] it's not across the broad spectrum. We also saw some significant increases across the board, so it's a balance."

At Maxwell, the BAH adjustments range from a loss of 6.7% to a gain of 18.2%.

For those who will see a decrease in BAH, the individual rate protection law is in effect to prevent hardship.

The individual rate protection law applies to all servicemembers entitled to BAH and ensures the servicemember will continue to receive their current amount or the new BAH rate, whichever is larger.

The law however, only applies to those Airmen whose status is unchanged, for instance, the Airman does not encounter a Permanent Change of Station, experience a change in rank or a change in dependent status.

For Airmen, it is imperative to remember the intent of BAH is to assist servicemembers by subsidizing housing costs.

"The entitlement is a wonderful entitlement," Ms. Brumbaugh said. "[The Department of Defense] absolutely bends over backwards to make sure if there is any change at all, it's for the benefit of the member."

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