Base gets ‘Twitchy’ with it

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- One sales associate at the Military Clothing Store on Maxwell knows the answer to "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Marie Boss's grandson, Stephen "Twitch" Boss, danced his way into the final rounds of the popular show on the Fox network. Before flying out to Hollywood Wednesday, she wore a T-shirt declaring, "Proud Grandmom of Twitch," and the store's cash registers held flyers encouraging people to vote for the Montgomery native.

"[The Maxwell-Gunter community] have been voting ever since they found out about it," said Mrs. Boss, an employee at the store for 11 years. "[Twitch] really appreciates it. I've talked to him, and told him that everyone on the base is supporting him. He is very thankful."

Dancers on the show compete against one another in different dance genres, from ballroom to hip hop. Viewers then call in and vote for their favorite dancers.

"He has been doing it all since he has been on this show," Mrs. Boss said. "They have had to do classical, foxtrot and all of that. I think he really likes hip hop, but he teaches all."

Viewers were allowed to vote for their favorite performers as many times at they wished.

"I dial it and keeping hitting redial," Mrs. Boss said.

Mrs. Boss said her grandson began his career dancing around the house when he was 9 years old. He started formal classes at 15 and joined the Lee High School dance team before graduating in 2000. After high school, Twitch attended several dancing schools and began to teach the art.

It was unknown by press time if Twitch took the top prize. The winner was announced Thursday during the 7 p.m. live broadcast.

"I have told him that whatever happens, God has blessed him," Mrs. Boss said. "I think he has learned a lot since he has been on [the show]. He has met new friends, and it is a great experience for him."

Because Twitch made it into the Top 10, he will tour the country with the other performers after the show's conclusion, Mrs. Boss said.

Her grandson appeared in the movie "Hairspray" as a dancer and auditioned for "So You Think You Can Dance?" last year, but did not make the Top 20.

"He has never given up," she said. "He is always trying even though he does not make it. We have always taught him to do your best in whatever you try to do."