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  • National Space Studies Center hosts space research forum

    Air University's National Space Studies Center hosted its second annual space education workshop and research forum at Maxwell on April 28-29. On April 28, the authors of top space research papers from Air University schools presented their findings to the Space Research Forum. These authors were focused on a wide range of topics ranging from
  • Chiefs group inducts AUF director as honorary chief

    "Incredibly humbling" is the way Air University Foundation executive director Joe Panza described being named an honorary chief master sergeant. On March 27, during a black-tie-dinner at Gunter's Falcon's Nest, Mr. Panza was inducted into the exclusive fraternity by the Maxwell-Gunter Chiefs Group. In the history of the group, only six other people
  • Maxwell-Gunter women move history forward

    In celebrating March's national Women's History Month, the Air Force is recognizing significant strides taken by women as pivotal to the Air Force story. Women, both past and present, are being recognized for their accomplishments throughout military history. Four women at Maxwell-Gunter are creating history of their own by currently serving in
  • Former ACSC commandant tells story of new Afghan air force

    In August 2007, the commandant of Air Command and Staff College was told to leave the school at Maxwell and "go build the Afghan air force." Maj. Gen. Jay Lindell, now the director of Global Power Programs for the Secretary of the Air Force, was at Maxwell-Gunter on Feb. 20 to address ACSC students on his role in the development of air power in
  • ACSC spouses truck diapers to governor’s mansion

    Spouses from Air Command and Staff College delivered a truckload of donated baby diapers to the Alabama governor's mansion Feb. 12. The diaper donation drive benefits the Montgomery Family Sunshine Center. "ACSC does this annual diaper drive with Alabama's First Lady, Mrs. Patsy Riley, at the governor's mansion," said Annette Roberts, chairperson
  • Bulgarian visitors to U.S. warm to American lifestyle

    "What I would tell the next Bulgarian family coming to the United States is that everything here is perfect," said the wife of an international officer from the Republic of Bulgaria attending Air Command and Staff College. Maj. Todor Golakov, and his wife Gergana, said they are enjoying their visit to Air University, the Montgomery area and the
  • Old University Inn coming down

    As part of an Air Education and Training Command initiative to reduce Maxwell-Gunter's footprint, the old University Inn, or base lodging located near the Maxwell Officer's Club, began coming down Monday. "Basically, the measure was taken because the base no longer has a use for the building," said John Prior, Maxwell Support Division civil
  • ACSC Community Service Day sees wide benefit to local area

    Air Command and Staff College conducted its "Community Service Day" Dec. 12, 2008. Over four hundred officers and many of their spouses participated in service projects from Prattville to Tuskegee. The goal was to have each flight to volunteer at least three hours to assist local organizations and activities in accomplishing much-needed repairs,
  • CNN tour enlightens joint, international group of officers

    Students from Air University's Air Command and Staff College who elected to take the "War for Public Opinion" research seminar were treated to a special tour of CNN headquarters in Atlanta on Nov. 19, a day trip conducted by the Public Affairs Center for Excellence. The students, including three international officers from South Korea, Pakistan and

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