Office of the Registrar FAQ’s

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I am having trouble with the AU Service Desk.

For technical assistance with the AU Service Desk, go to In the Contact Form Recipient list, select Air University Service Desk Access Support, complete the information, and select Send Message.

Please do not call the AU Library, AU TLC, AU Registrar, or any AU schools. These agencies cannot assist with access to the AU Service Desk.

How do I get an Unofficial Transcript?

If you graduated from a program after May 2022, you can print your unofficial transcript through our student portal. If you have a CAC (Common Access Card) card, you can log into your AU Student Portal and use the Print Documents tile on your student dashboard.

How long does it take to receive my transcript?

Due to our recent update to a new Student Information System, we have faced a backlog of transcript requests. Our Registrar Office is working diligently to process the requests. We apologize, but we do not have an estimated time for completion.

I have a priority transcript request.

We understand that sometimes short notice requests for things such as employment, promotion, or academic needs arise. When you enter your transcript request in the AU Service Desk, please explain the urgency in the comments as specifically as possible so we can identify your need. Our current priority for fulfilling requests is those with upcoming promotions, those needing education verification for employment, and those needing to meet academic deadlines. You may also try calling us at 1-800-262- 9140, Option 1 then Option 3.

My MILPDS records are missing/incorrect.

We understand the frustration that comes when records are missing or incorrect. When you enter your ticket into the AU Service Desk, please be as specific as possible about the errors and we will address them as quickly as possible. If you completed your program outside of Air University, you will need to include your AF475, official transcript OR degree/certificate, and your PSDM (found on myFSS). The PSDM is needed only if you are requesting in-residence credit.

Can I call the Office of the Office of the Registrar?

The most effective method to communicate with the Office of the Registrar is by email at This is a monitored email box so we can quickly respond to inquiries. You may also try calling us at 1-800-262- 9140, Option 1, then Option 3.           

How can I update my personal information in the student records system?

You can update your personal information through the AU Student Portal under My Personal Details. You will need your CAC (Common Access Card) card to access the portal.