Negotiation & Conflict Management


Negotiation Specific Resources

Foundational Negotiation Concepts

     Pre-Negotiation Worksheet (long version) 

       Pre- Negotiation Worksheet (short version) 

 Avoiding Impasse 

  Communication Skills 

      Negotiating Across Culture   

       Practical Guide to Negotiating in the Military (2nd edition)  

                                                                                             Foundation of Negotiation Student Guide                                                                                       

Conflict Management (ADR) Resources     

Suggested Opening Statement Bullets (Mediation) 

Suggested Opening Statement Bullets (Facilitation) 

Air Force Policy Directive 51-12 

Air Force Instruction 51-1201   

AF Mediation Compendium - 4th Ed.   

Army ADR Spectrum Handout 

ADRA 1996 

Confidentiality Guide (2006) 

Mediator Standards of Conduct (2006)

Negotiation Article

Conflict Management and the Air Force Leader