To provide competitively selected, highly qualified field-grade Air Force and Space Force officers an in-depth graduate level education while allowing them the opportunity to grow as military leaders through instructing professional military education.

 -  Build the skills and knowledge to be confident and intellectual joint leaders.
 -  Develop officers by successfully teaching (developing, delivering, and/or assessing) all assigned materials in their designated education program while on faculty at Air University.
 -  AU Fellows will return to the force as more capable officers, innovative thinkers, and better leaders than when they arrived.

What is a Fellow?
An Air University Fellow is competitively selected from the USAF or USSF Developmental Education Designation Board (DEDB) and their MAJCOM Developmental Team to attend a two-year developmental assignment that entails in-residence attendance for one-year at Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) and follow on after graduation from ACSC as an Air University Instructor either at Air Command and Staff College, Squadron Officer School, or Officer Training School.

How is Professional Development accomplished through the AU Fellows Program?
During an AU Fellows’ Student Year and Faculty Year, they will undergo both deliberate developmental and experiential developmental activities.

1.  Experiential Development as a student entails informal learning activities such as seminar discussions and social events. As a faculty member, experiential development is accomplished through the performance of instructor duties and through scholarly service such as serving in faculty leadership positions within one’s organization.

2.  Deliberate Development as a student entails accomplishing ACSC’s formal learning objectives and attendance at the Leadership Development Course for Squadron Command. As a Faculty Member, Fellows can expect to be matched with a Senior Leader Mentor as well as attend two professional development activities a month geared towards preparing for success as a future Commander or Staff Officer.

How do I become one?
Eligible O-4s will apply for AU Fellows Program via the Intermediate Developmental Education Process on MyVector. The MyVector window for IDE is generally open in the December-January timeframe and interested officers are encouraged to include the AU Fellows Program in their specific school preferences. Officers are assigned via the DEDB based on military records, academic credentials, and potential for senior staff/command duty.  

Any questions can be directed to the AU Fellows Program Manager at (334) 953-6899 or via e-mail to

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