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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What is the process for requesting a new education program? 

a.  For PCE, the school or functional may submit a request via the AF IMT 19. Submit the AF IMT 19 and CFRS Course Assessment worksheet to the AF IMT 19 workflow e-mailbox. AU/CFRS will review the information and route through AU staff as appropriate. If approved at AU, the request then goes to AF/A1D for final recommendation. Reference AFI 36-2302, Chapter 2.

b.  PME courses must be submitted to AU by AF/A1D. AU/CFRS will coordinate implementation of PME and PME changes with the appropriate school, AU Staff agencies, and A3, and ensure AUREPM, ETCA and other databases are updated.

c.  Requests for Workshops/Seminars not for credit: E-mail title, description, length, location, funding information, etc. to the AU/CFRS program analyst.

d.  All other course requests or notifications: Contact AU/CFRS Branch Chief at DSN:493-8126 or 334-953-8126

2.  What is the process for requesting changes to an existing education program?

Submit ETCA/Program Change request to AU/ETCA workflow e-mail. AU/CFRS will review and route change as appropriate. Minor, administrative changes can be made without approval; Major curriculum changes, funding, manning, etc. must be routed for approval prior to implementation. Approved changes will also need to be updated in the current version of the AU Catalog, published by AU/CFRR.

3.  Why does AU/CFRS collect lodging requests for Maxwell-Gunter courses?

AU/CFRS reserves group lodging for all AU courses taught on Maxwell-Gunter, and all groups from any unit for groups of 10 or more. Our goal is to ensure students are on base whenever possible. Courses/Events are assigned a "weight factor" or on-base priority ranking annually, and CFRS works to de-conflict scheduling issues where possible to maximize on-base lodging utilization. Weight factors are assigned based on a three year average of the number and rank of participants, length of offering, type of program and if an approved “Required on Base” letter is on file.

4.  Where can student production data be found?

AU/CFRS maintains most student production data in the AURPEM database. All AU and AFIT school production data and course/class schedules are updated by school POCs in AUREPM, with the exception of AFIT graduate education, and distance learning courses.

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