Air University Academic Affairs


Academic Affairs serves by Leading up, Leading across, and Leading out.

The Chief Academic Officer and Academic Affairs Directorate advances the mission of Air University’s diverse community to educate and develop Air, Space, and Cyberspace warrior leaders in support of the National Defense Strategy by:

  • Identifying and facilitating current and future initiatives that transcend divisional boundaries.
  • Coordinating and strengthening university governance, policies and procedures to coordinate decentralized execution of AU missions and priorities.
  • Supporting and validating the quality of faculty,  scholarship,  outcomes-based education and the student experience.
  • Data-Driven mission monitoring on program execution.
  • Engage in collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders beyond AU.


Awards Program

The Air University Education and Leadership Awards Program provides additional opportunities for AU faculty and staff to complete for and win Air Force Wide recognition for exemplary contributions towards the fields of education and leadership.

The Muir S. Fairchild Award

This award is given each year for the most significant contribution to Air University's educational mission or to Air Force education in general. The award is sponsored by the Order of the Daedalians, represented by their local chapter, Founders Flight. The Muir S. Fairchild award board occurs each February with the trophy presented during a Spring ceremony celebration the Battle of Britain.
The Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Award

The AETC Educator of the Year award recognizes individual faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to AETC's mission during the academic year. The award board takes place each July with award presentations occurring at the unit level in the Fall.
The Secretary of the Air Force (SecAF) Leadership Award

The SecAF Leadership Awards are presented annually to recognize faculty, staff, and students/cadets who exhibit exemplary leadership, character, and ethical behavior. The award board takes place in March of each year with award presentations occurring following the National Security Forum in May.


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