CCAF "Service Now" Instructions

  • Published
  • By Benny Seawright, CCAF Media and Outreach
  • Community College of the Air Force

Note:  Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve students should contact their local CCAF Advisor located in their Education Office or Force Development Office (ANG).

You can find your local education office by viewing your dashboard at:

How To Create an Air University (AU) Service Desk Account:

Individuals wishing to submit a CCAF ticket must first create an account by navigating to the specified URL below and then clicking the highlighted portion on the bottom of the photo labeled "Create an Account."  From there, follow the prompts and input requested information to create your account.              

How To Submit a CCAF Request in AU Service Desk:

  1. Log onto AU SERVICE DESK   
  2. From the home page, click "CCAF Request

3.  Now you should see an open ticket.

      NOTE:  If you are submitting this request on behalf of someone else check the box.  In the "On Behalf Of" block, add the member's rank, first name, middle initial, and last name.  

4.  From the "User Type"drop down menu, select either Student; Education Service Office/Personnel; or Other

  • Student – includes Retired, Separated, Wounded Warrior, and Sister Service students
         Note:  Active duty, Guard, and Reserve students will be referred to their local CCAF Advisor if a ticket is created. 
  • Education Service Office/Personnel – includes Education Office Personnel and CCAF Advisors ONLY
          Note:  Individuals using this User Type incorrectly will have their ticket closed without a response.
  • Other – Affiliated School Representatives, Civilian Institutions, Investigators, MAJCOM/ANG/AFRC Vol Ed Representatives, Unaffiliated Schools, and Others Not Listed

5.  From the Inquiry Type drop down menu, select an inquiry that corresponds to your request.  If you don't see an inquiry that fits your request, choose Other.

6.  In the Request Details block:  Type your request details in this block.

7.  Click the Add attachments button if you need to add any documents.

8.  Once you have completed all the above information, click the Submit button.

Steps to check tickets you submitted:

  1. Click Important Links at the Top Right of the screen to enable drop down
  2. Click My Dashboard
  3. Select My Open Tickets or My Closed Tickets to expand tab