Instructions for Checking CCAF Graduation Requests in AFVEC

  • Published
  • By Benny Seawright
  • Community College of the Air Force

**These instructions are only for students who were nominated for graduation by their local Education Center or Force Development Office between 28 August 2022 and 3 October 2022**

Navigate to AFVEC  

Click Login (use your CAC):   

Click the menu bar on the left side of the page: 

Click ‘CCAF Action Requests’:

All CCAF Action Requests will be listed on this screen. Locate your ‘Degree Candidate’ request:

‘Completed’ indicates CCAF has completed your request

‘Submitted’ displays when your request is still pending at CCAF

If you cannot locate a degree candidate request or your degree candidate request is ‘Rejected’, please contact your local Education Center or Force Development Office.

Click here for CCAF’s frequently asked questions.

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