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Obtaining a Vehicle

Renting or Leasing

Companies offer short and long term rent or lease options. There will be a contract to sign and policies on car repair, driving distance limitations, etc.

Often, a renting company will take care of all or some of the vehicle registration process for you (such as vehicle tag or license plates, registration fees and insurance). Be sure to ask what actions they will complete. For a leasing company, you may have additional actions (purchasing insurance, vehicle registration) to take or expenses to pay in order to legally drive your vehicle.


You can buy a car from a certified dealership (example: Honda, Ford, Hyundai). Sometimes, the dealer may take care of the vehicle registration for you.

You can buy a car from an individual. This person will sign their Title to you. In addition, you must have something that shows what you paid for the vehicle (Bill of Sale). Maxwell AFB has a "Lemon Lot," which is an area people place used vehicles for sale by owner. You can also look for advertisements in newspapers, online, or on bulletin boards.

In the state of Alabama, it is required by law that all vehicles on the road have a title (shows proof of ownership), registration and have automotive insurance

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