International Professional Military Education


Air University supports U.S. national security goals by conducting international activities that further coalition warfighting capability, enhance collective security and regional stability, and fosters building international partnerships. International Professional Military Education (I-PME) is one of the avenues that accomplish the strategy.  Please view the courses below that Air University Offers to our international partners.


*Some courses have a pre-requisite preparatory course, which is conducted by the International Officer School. Please contact AU's International Affairs for more information:

**View our brochure for a consolidated list: 


Airmen Leadership School (ALS)

MASL#s:D171048 (McGhee Tyson ANGB) | D171051 (Holloman AFB) | D171052 (Mountain Home AFB) D272027 (Hickam AFB)
Target: E-4 (or equivalent)
Description: The ALS is a 24-day Air Force education program that prepares junior enlisted members for positions of greater responsibility. The course teaches leadership skills required of supervisors and reporting officials throughout the Air Force. ALS enhances the development of Airmen by strengthening their ability to lead, follow, and manage while they gain a broader understanding of the military profession.


Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA)

MASL#s: D271004 (Kadena AB) | D271005 (Hickam AFB) | D171077 (Keesler AFB) | D171057 (Lackland AFB) | D171097 (Sheppard AFB) | D171007 (Tyndall AFB) D171049 (McGhee Tyson ANGB) | D271001 (Kapuan AS)
Target: E-6 (or equivalent)
Description: A 30-day Enlisted Professional Military Education program which prepares Sergeants to be professional, war-fighting Airmen who can manage and lead units in the employment of Airpower.


Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA)

MASL#: D171029 (Maxwell, AFB)
Target: E-8 (or equivalent)
Description: An in-resident program that consists of 200 classroom hours over 25 academic days, which prepares SNCOs to lead the enlisted force in the employment of air and space power in support of US national security objectives. Specifically, it educates SNCOs to become adaptable senior enlisted leaders able to operate critically, strategically and jointly in complex and ambiguous environments.


First Sergeant Academy

MASL#: D171072 (Maxwell, AFB)
Target: E-7 - E-9 (or equivalent)
Description: "The First Sergeant Academy prepares select senior noncommissioned officers to serve as First Sergeants. First Sergeants advise commanders on the readiness, health, morale, welfare, and quality of life of Airmen and families to ensure a mission-ready force."


Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course (CLC)

MASL#: D171065 (Maxwell, AFB)
Target: E-9 (or equivalent)
Description: This course provides Chief Master Sergeants the education to bridge strategic vision into tactical execution. Throughout the program, the CLC emphasizes critical thinking and an enterprise-level view in order to educate, inspire, and develop Chief Master Sergeants who effectively lead, manage, and mentor lethal and ready organizations.



Squadron Officer School (SOS)

MASL#: D171003 (Maxwell, AFB)
Target: O-2 / O-3 (or equivalent)
Description: The purpose of the 2-month SOS course is to develop solution-minded, bold, and courageous Airmen and Guardians ready to overcome tomorrow's challenges. The course is structured around three areas: leadership, design thinking, and joint warfare. Students will engage in classroom and hands-on application events to instill and foster a strategic and creative mindset.


*Mandatory 7-week Preparatory Course at International Officer School (IOS) prior to SOS


Air Command & Staff College (ACSC)

MASL#: D171002 (Maxwell, AFB)
Target: O-4 / O-5 (or equivalent)
Description: The ACSC resident curriculum is a rigorous 10-month graduate-level program taught through intensive small group seminars and engaging lectures. Courses cover topics that include the profession of arms, leadership and ethics, joint operations, airpower, and the international security environment.


*Mandatory 7-week Preparatory Course at International Officer School (IOS) prior to ACSC.
**Optional Concentration: ACSC - School of Advanced Nuclear Deterrence Studies (SANDS) Specializes in developing leaders who understand the employment of joint all domain operational maneuver to counter future threats in contested and degraded environments. The curriculum focuses on improving critical thinking at the operational level.


Air War College (AWC)

MASL#: D171010 (Maxwell, AFB)
Target: O-5 / O-6 (or equivalent)
Description: A 1-year course which prepares senior officers to lead at the strategic level across the range of military operations, in joint, interagency, and multinational environments. Develops senior joint leaders who can offer strategic contributions to national security.


*Mandatory 7-week Preparatory Course at International Officer School (IOS) prior to AWC.


School of Advanced Air and Space Strategy (SAASS)

MASL#: D171043
Target: O-4 / O-5 (or equivalent)
Description: SAASS is a 1-year school which creates warrior-scholars with a superior ability to develop, evaluate, and employ airpower within the complex environment of modern war. Upon completion of all requirements and with faculty recommendation, graduates receive a Master of Philosophy in military strategy.