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  • The Use of Helicopters against Guerrillas: The Israeli Model

    This article examines the Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) use of helicopters in the war against terrorism to demonstrate the specificity of the IAF’s use of attack helicopters as compared with other armies fighting terror in the world today.
  • The Revolution in Drone Warfare: The Lessons from the Idlib De-Escalation Zone

    The beginning of 2020 nearly witnessed Russia and Turkey in direct kinetic war. Both countries came to this confrontation well-experienced in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and electromagnetic spectrum warfare technologies, having demonstrated their proficiencies in actions taken against rebel factions in Syria—and in Ankara’s case against Kurdish groups in Turkey—but neither Russia nor Turkey, or other countries for that matter, had previous experience in employing these technologies in a direct clash against a peer competitor. Thus, the warfare between the two adversaries in Libya was truly a transformational confrontation that will definitely be added into military handbooks and manuals around the globe.
  • Volume 02 Issue 03, Fall 2020

    Volume 02 Issue 03, Fall 2020
  • The Middle East and Syria as a Case of Foreign Intervention: Implications for the United States, the Syrian Kurds, and the Middle East after the Defeat of Daesh

    One of the key elements in the analysis of foreign realities is the acknowledgment of its foreign element. In a very recent publication, Dr. Irena Chiru, of the National Intelligence Academy of Romania, describes the importance of the cultural element in security-related research and the importance of understanding a country’s society and values. Western academics and practitioners must carefully study the Middle East, as a strategic area, to truly understand its history, its unique way of development, and forms of governance. This article intends to give a broad perspective of the Middle East—and Syria in particular—from a Western perspective but with an approach qualified by a proper experience on the field and using Realism and Structural Realism.

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